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yay@! I got my stupid hotsync cable!

This is what I did at kaoru's house

8/18/02 2:06 pm
I dontthink I can explain what happened last night. or rather all day yesterday. (saturday)

First, I didn't sleep much friday night/saturday morning, and so I was very tired. they kicked us out of the dorms at noon, so I spent the whole morning stuffing stuff away in the room I was in, because I had an agreement with the person who was living there after me that I could leave some stuff in his room and get it when the school year started up. so I did that, and it was exciting. hopefully the maids or whatever wont throw it all away. (which I doubt will happen)
Also, I didn't make the deadline for putting stuff in storage for the summer course office;s storage, so I had to use Global houses's storage space. which was fine, and I learned that I'm going to be in the same suite of four people in the comming quarter term, just not in the same room, wcaue obviously, that's yoshi's room. so that's good.
the thing that I miss the most from home is my nice, big, not ghetto washer and dryer. I want to wash my clothes and have things like good detergent, and bleach, and color guard bleach, and fabric softener. in addition, I really want to know how to use the washing machine correctly....

so anyways, after I left, carrying only my backpack filled with clothes, my Visor, my gameboy, some pencils, and some notepaper, along with some bills and such. I also have my keitai (cell phone) and my monnies. so I go to Kaoru;s house, which is about 2 hours away, but first I need to walk to the video rental place to return the Brittney spears CD that I rented. that was magical... and then I used my cunning to get on a bus that took me to mitaka station, and then I went to tokyo statio, and fell asleep on the trian. (the ride is about an hour) some nice person tapped me on the shoulder to wake me up when it got to the last (my stop) stop that was very nice of them. and then I wandered down like 4 floors into the bowles of hades to get to the yokosobu line, and go to zushi which is the closest station to kaoru's house. It's really nice the way you can go places without having a car here. it's excitig!!!!!

so, I get to Kaoru's just as her father's business friends are arriving for the big barbaque. BBQ. Kaoru's friends werent arriving for 6 hours, so I got to talk to the 50-60 year old businessmen who apparently are some of japan's leading nuclear technicians/researchers. they were very entertained by me, and my eatinging things. slowly they got drunker and drunker on beer, sake, wine, champaine, jack daniels, wild turkey, and alot more sake. I ate grilled porkchops, squid, scalops, corn, raw squid, some other raw stuff, and some eggplant. and I was really tired, but I came and ate for like 6 hours before the friends arrived. and I drank the whole tme. blah.. and then the crazy drunked men were trying to talk to me for like 2 hours, and they were so drunk that no one knew what they were saying, and one guy kept asking me about the education system, and I didn't tell them that I hadnt really gotten to the japanese education portion of my studies, and yes... that was magical. then there was the really really drunk crazy monk guy who was trying to explain japanese religion to me, except he thought it would be funny if he just made up stuff, so that was intense. Luckily I was only a little tipsy, and not neerly as drunk as any of them. but yes... 2 hours of a very unique japanese experience. apparenly Kaoru's dad is a renown nuclear scientist or something. I was impressed.
Finally Kaoru's friends came at 9, and they were cool. Everyoe at the party thought I was incredably young because I was only 20. all of kaoru's friends were 26, because they were in the same grade as her. yeah... We took some pictures, and I taught them what chug meant. (guess what was going on then) oh, and more food. I finally got to eat nato, and I was like "oh, I've had this before, It's really good. I used to buy it at the asian market." so that was cool. I really can't smell why people don't like it so much. yeah... chobi...
so then we talked with kaoru's friends for like until 2:30 in the morning. I was quite tired by the end. Kaoru has a cat named myu (mew) that looks kinda like totoro. totoro chan. pidgy pidgy. her cats have weird short tails, like their tails were growing and then someting made them stop growing like after 3 inches, but leaving a kinda shrivled tail bud on the end. that sounds really messed u, but it's not that bad, and totoro is very kawaii (cute) .
so today I slept until about 12:30. because I was really tired. many mosquitos bit my feet, but that's been happening the whole time, so It' not so bad. I dont understand why people exist in places where there are mosquites. it must have suxzored. yeah... my name is chobn hood. I live in the secret of mana land! yar! Ledgend of mana was really cool, except for its 2 year old player difficultity level. that didn't make sese. I wanted to salvage a sentance that should have no been, but I didn't want to use the delete key, cause then I would have had to move more. like that sentence, I should have just let that be.. chobi!
um... yes...
so today, maybe we will go out somewhere? yar.

8/19/02 5:35 pm
hello it's chris again. wow, this is reallye asy, because I'm not talking in japanese. blah.... so haerd.... but I met Kaoru's really shy sister, apparently her mom told her that I really like ONE PIECE and she came out with all her books. I'm not sure if she gave them to me, or she's letting me borrow them, but she dumped a pile in my hand right now. I think I will give her my Zorro button that I just bought, mostly because I really dont have a use for buttons, and also because I don't like Zorro as much as Luffy, and it's stuid ZORRO in some disquise, so it's like all dumb looking. so so so so.....
blah muzukashi datta.
so yesterday Chiho (kaoru's best friend who now lives and goes to school in Kyoto) came i her parent's car (she's visiting her parents in kamakura, which is the town next to kaoru's) and so she came and hung out with us. it was really cool. we went shopping, and I bought a pirate sweat band. they're all the rage now, these sweatband things. kaizoku da ne...
I saw a bunch of Piercing stuff. I think I could give my self an industrial piercing, just by buying 2 self piercing things. I'm really having reservations about getting piercings because they add some permanence to my looks. like right now, I can strip down to a blank state, and change to many different things. but if I get any piercing, then there is a permenant element added. plus, in Japan if I want to make a good impression I shouldn't look too scarry. like, I want to look cool/scarry but I want to also be able to look really nice as well when I choose. blah taihen dayo!
anyways, after shopping, I fell asleep in the car. and then we picked up Chiho's parents. first I got to met her insane/retarded lookng dog. Chiho's parents were really cool, and the dad was super super happy to try and speak some of his english to me. I think that's the sentament of all the old men who meet me. but it's cool. yar......................
uh so we went to a sukiyaki resturant, and that was really pretty amazing! her parents own returants, so they're really in to food. and they orderd alot of food. like, I really dont know how I could eat so much fucking food!!!!!! how the hell do they stay skinny if they eat so much?!?!?!?!?! man. I speant the last 2 days like eating endlessly. it sucks! I don't want to eat so much!!! this is especially strange after the 6 weeks of eating very little. yeah.... so much fooodddddd..

on the way back we started talking about bush. I said I didn't really like him because of his war thigns, and also because of his selfish oil practices. he said that he really like the US, and thinks that what they're doign is alot better than what the other counrties are doing.
is that an effect of his upbringing? hrmm.... but yeas. that was fun. Kaoru did good translating. I also got to explai what punk philosophy was about. I said that in the basic aspect it's about individual power and controll, and thinking for your self. then I said that they are also many different aspects that work into it as well, but Since I'm really not an expert I wasnt able to elaborate. yar maytie.... so now I'm killing time waiting for food to be made. it's sooooo strange. I ahve nothig to do... and It's nice, but I feel odd lazying around someone elses house.
blah, so hard... but I'm losing the distinction between the two languages. like it's no longer weird foreign language and englsih, it's just words I know and words I don't kow. thus, I was listening to Chiho, and then I responded in english, and it took me a little bit of time to remember that She dosent speak english. so chobi.

Today I bought toothpaset. paste. and it is citris flavored or soemthig. I dot know. melon flavored toothpaste. uh, I wish It wasn't so hot in this room, I get really sweaty and smelly. and it's suckzor desu hrm...
Kaoru's really shy cat was very friendly around me. it was sugoi. everyne was impressed. Kaoru i forgot what I was saying beause her sister came in to give me more ONE PEICE. sugoi I guess.... hrm..... don't understand............... blah blha blahjlbsdfkjh. why are they giving me things???!!?1 blah....
this is part of the stress, because I don't understand what's really happenig, and it give me anxiety.

blah ok. I think it's time to eat soo.

8/21/02 3:18 pm
so I checked my e-mail and Livejournal. I'm really excited about what bobby's doing music wise. I'm less excited to hear that his new guitar got run over by a wheelchair... but maybe if he works hard he will get enought money to buy a new one. yeah, so Kaoru and I have developed the habbit of staying up until like 2 or 3 to watch tv, and then sleeping until like 12 or 1 the next day. I'm really lucky to get to stay here, cause It's just like a vacation. it's alot like being in PINE MOUNTAIN LAKE, at my uncles cabin. like, we walked to the beach and played yesterday. the walk was about 20 minutes I'd say. I didn't have a suit, so I just went in my shorts, which was kinda special because I've lost a lot of weight, and the shorts were big to begin with, and I didn't have a belt for them, so they kept falling down. of course, I had my cool skull boxers on underneeth, so it was ok! but it still was uncomfortable.

god damn, there's this guy next door who has like a tin ass yard, but he's been taking like an hour to mow it. I think the thing is, it's not like a constant mow like in the US, it's this weird intermittent thing. so it's like 3-5 seconds of horrendous mowing sounds, and then 3-5 seconds of silence. (acguallt he's singing traditional japanese songs, so it's not like really silent, but realitive to the mowing it is.) the weather is so nice, I wish it could stay like this forever. Kinda like In california, where the weather is always nice.... uh yeah.
Kaoru says that it snows here sometmes, even though it's right next to the beach. (her house is about as far away as UCSC campus is from the beach) yeah... chobi! da!
so yeah, the beach.... I went to the beach, and it was fun. I didn't have any sunscreen so I just was out in the sun. of course, we got there like 3:30 maybe, so we missed the main part of the sunnyness, and that was good. it was like perfect beach weather, and that rocked. Kaoru kept saying it was really crowded, but there were really very few people there, so I dont know what she was talking about. I mean, she lived by venice beach. so she should know about crowded.
I'm really starting to feel at home here, which is kidna bad, cause it means that my manners are probably not as good, and I might be overstaying my welcome. ... I'm not getting any signs from Kaoru that I am however, which is good, but I dont know... it's so hard to tell.. I think that it is ok, and I think that her family likes me for the most part. yeah... I think what helps is that her parents are retired, and so they don't really have alot that I can distract them from. Also, I think that my japanese and my couriosity are at the point that they are cute, and so it is enjoyable, or at least unobtrusive. I did my laundry today. it was special. I dont know how to hang clothes I've discovered. It was interestig, I was explaining to Kaoru how hanging clothes, especially in the house, really has an unconcious taboo to my amrerican mind. I explained that in the US, hanging clothes is somehting that only poor people do, so when I see hanging clothes I'm get a feeling of poverty. I guess it's hard to explian, but I'm sure people in the us know what I"m talkig baout. (well, I could explain it, but it would take some time. and I already did it once yesterdya.)
People are really impressed by what I can eat. I really like japanese pickles, and many of the other things that foreigners normally can't eat. Also, I drank the syrup,

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