MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

Visitors rule drafty?

Hello. This is the Global house visitor’s rule draft v.02
(for the purposes of this draft, the words “Guest” and “Visitor” are synonamouse meaning any non-global house resident.)

tsuru day-time visitors: guests in tsuru from 9am-11pm
Day-time Unit guests: guests that are invited to the units between 9-9
After-hours tsuru visitors: guests that are in tsuru after 11pm
After-hours Unit guests: guests that are in the units after 11pm
Overnight Unit Guests: guest that stays from 11pm-9am
Overnight Irregual condition guests: guests that stay from 11pm-9am for more than 1 consecutive 24 hour period.

tsuru day-time visitors: guests in tsuru from 9am-11pm
ex: a friend who comes over after class and watches tv with you in the tsuru.
Day-time Unit guests: guests that are invited to the units between 9-9
Ex: a friend who comes over to your unit after class, and has dinner with you and your unitmates.
After-hours tsuru visitors: guests that are in tsuru after 11pm
Ex: Friend(s) that came over at 10 to watch a 3 hour movie in Tsuru.
After-hours Unit guests: guests that are in the units after 11pm
Ex: Friend/classmate who is working on a group project that is taking much longer than expected, and thus must stay past 11pm to compleate the project.
Overnight Unit Guests: guest that stays from 11pm-9am
Ex: Your friend from Tsukuba comes to ICU for the big Friday night party, drinks to much, can’t get home that night and sleeps on the floor of your room until waking and leaving around noon the next day.
Overnight Irregual condition guests: guests that stay from 11pm-9am for more than 1 consecutive 24 hour period.
Ex: Your Younger brother from Hokkaido wants to see what ICU life is like, and Comes to visit for 2 days over the three day weekend. He sleeps in your room and takes showers in your unit.
Ex: Your best friend from the phillipeans is coming to japan for a week to visit you over spring break. They sleep in your room, take showers in your unit and enjoy the furo once or twice.

DayTime (normal) Guests:

Visitors can only enter between 8am to 9pm, although they are free to leave Global House at any time.

Visitors must sign in (name and Student ID# if they have one) indicating their time of arrival as well as their host(s)’s name and the host(s)’s room number. (Multiple hosts Guests who cause problems will incur a fine to their host’s account. Visitors are not to wander the halls of Global House without the escort of their host. Visitors MAY NOT enter the Units of Students who are not listed as their hosts.

Non-paying normal visitors are allowed to use The restroom facilities near the smoking area on the first floor, as well as their gender respective restrooms on floors 2 and 3 (and 4, I assume there is one.) Visitors are also allowed to use restroom facilities in their hosts’s unit.
Non-paying normal Visitors are NOT allowed to use the Furo. (nor are they allowed to use the computer facilities independent of their hosts. [but that’s coverd by another rule] They can however use the computers as part of a group effort with their hosts.)
However Normal Daytime guests may use the furo with their hosts (of the same gender) for a fee of 500-1000yen (I don’t know what a good price is.)

The Unit is obligated to decided their personal time restrictions for visitors at the beginning of the school year (anytime new students move in.)

*idea: Get a cheap time card thingy and use that for the authenticity of the time in/out. If someone is really serious, they could require some sort of authenticating Time stamp, along with a photocopy-type thing of valid Photo ID (Student ID, Alien Registration card…)


Overnight regular guests are charged 500-1000 yen under the assumption that they have used the bathing facilities sometime during their 13 hour stay at global house.

Guest Staying over night for more than One consecutive night:
Guests staying overnight will be noted

Guests can only stay overnight on Firday and Saturday night, unless there is no school the following day (ex: Sunday night is ok as well, as long as Monday is a holiday.)
Regular overnight guests must pay additionally to use the furo.

Guests staying more than One night must pay 2500yen per night.

(The redundant/mandatory overnight fees are designed to discourage using Global House as a hotel.)

Things that obviously need to be changed
In order for this system to work, there has to be some sort of money handling/ Guest entrance/exit time validation system.
* The task of reviewing the log at 11pm and 9am could easily be delegated to Global House residents, and validated by the kamesennin guy during his next work day. The amount of money charged could be calculated by the visitors entrance/exit times compared to the money ruburic. These charges could then be automatically added to the student’s account charges, and thus it becomes the hosts responseability to collect money from the guest as opposed to a third party. (due to the fact that if the host dosent get money from the guest they will be paying from their own pocket, It can be assumed that a greater effort will be made to collect money by the host.)
* This puts greater importance on the guests sign in/out as it becomes a matter of money. Thus, the temptation to falsify information will increase, leading to a greater nescessicty of a good time validation system.
* obviously this whole money element needs the support of the SAO/ICU financial beaucaracy in order to be implemented. My impression is that the SAO wants to have to do as little as possible in regards to this (and everything else). So I don’t know how they will take a suggestion to reform their system. Perhaps there is some method of adding it to a person’s housing bill. The only problem is that bills such as housing and registration come at the beginning of the term, and so graduation students, as well as OYRs in their last quarter will pay little heed to such things.

The other problem is it’s always possible to sneak people in and out without signing in if you A) come late at night and leave early, or B) just use the “bike door”. Personally, I don’t have a problem with this, but If the SAO thinks about it, there needs to be some sort of solution.
There needs to be some sort of propriety for hosts/guests who don’t follow the rules and such. As of now, there is no Global house police/enforcement other than the sennin guy, and It’s really not his job to police Global House. I’m courious how the other doors handle this problem officially? I guess that they have the restrictions of curfew to officially solve this problem, but I don’t think that a curfew is a vaiable option for global house. Maybe we just need to trust people about it.

Rules that Are not followed incur a fine. This fine is added to registration fees and you will be unable to enroll in classes until said fees are paid. (or perhaps the fine will be added to the housing bill.)
Repeted offenders will be penialized by an additional 25% increase from the previous fine for each offence.
For serious offences (as detailed elsewhere) housing contract may be revoked.

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