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Nao Goto Toilet!

hello. time for the video game update.

I bought Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for PSX. at first I thought it was a sloppy port of the Dreamcast version. Then I realized that it is, indeede, a sloppy port of the DC version (I mean, there's slowdown when doing the 3x attacks, as well as when Abyss's background is crumbling, which is retarded.)
Basically, they just took the DC version, and then added internet play. which actaully wasn't really added, because A) the DC version had internet play, and in the Japanese version that was one of the sets of points that you needed to get. and B) The interface for the internet play is just the Capcom vs SNK2 internet interface, compleate with the yellow diamond shaped thingy.
THe good side is that now you don't need to to go to the arcade to get points to get characters. there are only 2 types of Points, P points, and V points. P points are normal points, and V points are internet points.
So far I have yet to see characters that can only be bought with V points. I have seen Characters that become much cheaper if you have V points. like Roll can either be 3700P points, or 800V points. Some character are both, like CHarlie is 1500P 500V. but yeah, it changes so sometimes he is like 4000P, which means that I can in therory get all teh characters even though I dont have internet, and will never, because you cant use anything more complicated than ISDN with this game (like no broadband or ethernet.) poooooo. but the game is fun, and it's nice to have the coice of the good PSX2 controller, or my nice (although breaking) joystick.


Look I'm raizin!!! yeah... so...

I bought Final Fantasy 1 for PSX. it's hella nice. they fixed the graphics so that they're all cool, and made the music new, and took away that good awful "innefective" crap. It's like a new game now (mostly because of the removal of the inneceftive thing. you can just attack whatever.) blha. but it's good for japanese practice, becasue there's like no plot, and the things people say are hella basic, and there's like less than 50 kanji. also, I thought I was going to have to learn the Japanese names for all the enemies, but so far most of them have been either english words, or silly made up words in katakana.

Yeah, and it helps that I remember what was going on, and what people were talking about at certain times.

ooooo!!! also, they changed the inventory system, so that people can hold more than 4 non-potion type items now. (if you guys remember, that really sucked.) as a result, they've added a few armours and stuff. also, there is a thing where after you beat an enemy, you can go to a menu and see how much hp and defence and crap they have. isn't that cool?
it also keeps track of how many of a certain kind of enemy you've killed. neat, huh?
plus, there is a thing that keeps track of how many treasures you've collected from each location. so cool, right?!?!?!

it says that after you beat the game, there's secrets. and if you beat it more than once, there's more secrets.


but it's finals time now, so I should get to writting my essay, and making my report that's due tuesday and monday respectivly. yeah.... rock on! hrm...

so,... any questions?

my face gets all dry. maybe I should moustourize it after I wash it. hrm... yes. I dont know... but that's what's going on in CHris's viedo game land.

I think for my report I will just read this paper I made, and make a power point presentation using the old one, and not try, and make it all mysterious. yes......

blah. I'm worried about my test for my all in japanese class, because I dont know what the hell was going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yo yo ma!

I want to learn the violin! I need to get heavier Arm weights for Taiko pracitce. I just typed plactice (note the L in place or the R. it's not as bad as Joe's Broddy Roar)

I still suck at MvC2, but I'm getting better. I like Rouge, cause her power drain is unblockable, and people get confused. hahaha. Right now Colin beats me sometimes, but I will be beating him shortly. No one can touch my fighting game skills, except for maybe the people in the arcades who just beat me alot. I hate fights in the arcade that are really hard and drawn out. like when I was testament fighting Jam in Guilty Gear XX. that was hard, but I won! ahhahaha. uh yeah... that's exciting. yeah... bleep bloop.

uh. what else. I dont know. Not much is going on in my life. I'm just have a fun money filled care free time in Japan. Most of my friends are Foreigners, except for Fumi, but he's all amercanized so it's about the same. yeah. uh. yes. lets see. I wish I had more bacon. and stuff.

I tried to make a toad in the hole last night. I succedded in the way that I didn't just burn everything.

oh yeah, I went to cooking club last firday night, and it was fun! there was this girl named nao goto, and laura was like "nao goto toilet!" and she laughed and laughed and couldnt stop laughing. she was nice and cute. all the girls in the cooking club are. I should go more often. also, uh, we made taco rice. it's an okinawan dish, that's basically tacos but without the taco shell, and on rice in a bowl. it's good. it's from the army people in okinawa. I liked it. it was good yummy food.

the last two nights marshal and I have been playing FF1, and it's fun. We're at the infamous Elfland oger fun place of fun and buying potions. of course, the party is Fighter (Zero), Black belt (ルフィ [Luffy]), Red mage (Ravi) and White Mage (Gaia) so it's pretty easy. it's not like the 3 mage 1 fighter party I had first time around. yar maytie!

yes.... so that's what's up. and now I will do they typing....

Lupin... THE TYPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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