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I plyaed the mech game that penny arcade is always talking about, and I payed $50 to upgrade from 50megs to 1 gig of space. isn't that sweet?!?!
I should talk to nate about moving all the CMH stuff off his server now that I have my own. I also need to figure out how to integrate UP and CM into one big connected site thing. I guess this week would be a good time for that, desho?

also, I played Tekken 4 all day today, and got all the characters and the endings. I really like the endings and the strory, and how it actually makes sense and they're connected. I never understood why fighting games didn't just put a screen of text for the stories or whatever. but yeah, the way that the Tekken4 story modes are done is really nice, also, most of it is in english except for when the Japanese people are talking to each other. but like Howarng speaks English, and Jin Speaks english when he talks to english speaking people (seeing as he lived in Australia for 3 years it makes sense)

also Jackie Chan speaks awesome FOB english! I was hella suprised! it's awesome!

um yeah. Even the Kuma/panda endings were cool. I was alittle disapointed with Heihatchi's but oh well. yar maytie!

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