MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

I think I daterapped someone's journal. hahahah. my head hurst,s. I should go to bed, but it's like when kevin has to poo, and the typing just keeps going one.? but anywways, tony kaku. I would like to meet thins TOny, he seensm populatr.! hahaha that's almost as funny as my kim chi warui joke!? Mochiron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lfdvsd

dfsgonjdfk d

wHERE IS MOMOKO GONE TO? istr like a coment from the sky landing in my eye, the pace of laster year, apond a silky ear... or corn. to my dismay? hey hey! Shining like a vote of singing in the limelight, menny stay, time to me, I come for you to no one. Ketchistan. Mario conpiki dejino atshi dero.... roo ro ro robot! manyfj nsk 3298 9(**(* (*(* (** my journal needs more numbers and symbls.1

8&^*!# *7 8 8723 872 872 872 8691 ^#R*(^@ &)@*)!*# )!#&(^@ *^%&(#%)!*&#_~+ _(*_)@( *_+#*)_@ +)#((!+ !&_!#& )!_#&+!# &+)!#* &U)!*#&U+(#!_)*#&_!#*& )*@& (&)_*&_(*&* *^%&*%$E^E~^!~&*@ ^!~^*T~!@&*&y UY *&)!&&((&!#~ (# _#*U )_* )* (* (*H (*#(&#^*(&@#%*&% ^@*^T)@&$^(@&$ ^_(@&^$*^@+(&@_(& *^$(&@^T$(@&T$^(O@&*^$T)*@&@}}{@O$}$ }|$}|{@{}|{} {|}@${|}@$ {}|}|{}((**}@|P$

Look I'm playuing Hack/Moria! yes! look I'm winnding!!!

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