MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

ok, so tomorrow is registration for classes day.

anyone who complains about their registration system, and having to mess with comptuers and stuff let me explain how it works here.

first of all, there is only about a 6 hour period between like 9 and 2 that you can register for classes. miss it and your screwed. second, you have to register online via the computer, and then you have to print out your proposed transcript, and bring it to your advisor to sign. after he or she has signed it, you have to bring it to some girl in a room so she can stamp it, and put it in a pile for someone to then input the information manually or something.

of course, I dont have a printer in my room.

but that's ok, because even if I did, I can only input and then print out my class selections from computers in one specific room that has only about 20-30 computers in it. and like 3 printers.

Now imagine 3000 people all trying to do that at the same time.

in case that made no sense let me summaraze: THis is stupid and long and dosent utilize the computers automating powers.

apparently this is the new and improved system started this year. booooooo-urns!

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