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15 December 2002 @ 02:16 am
I"m full of something. I want to do something, but I dont knwo what. I can't fathom Seb's bording school experience.l that's just insande. man. I think it will be intelegible when I wake up. but man. can't even begin to explain or fathom such a different upbringing. holy shit. Thinking about it makes me get weird emotions drunk on orbs. This CD is good. Is it the second or the third? I dont know. but It's more interesting than the third I think. man! yeah! wu chya! I want to play pokemon or acastually not pokemon, I want to do something, but I can't because it's such a chore to play sutpid japanese RPGs, cause I'm like blah "what does that word mean?!?!@?" and then I have to assesss if its worth it to look it up, or keep going and just kinda assume the thing the person was saying wasn't too importnat. I sont know? lets go to the park. Girls suck. but I hella like my dorm1
Current Music: Jets To Brazil - Autumn Walker