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Kittens in mittens on chandeliers!

dude! I got soooo many hella kick ass toys and stuff! it's totally rad! yeah! Cowabunga!!!!
I finally got controller extenders!!!! and I got Mortal Kombat 5, which totally exceeded my expectations. I hope the stupid japanese fighting game developers are paying attention, because MK5 finally does alot of things really well that the japanese people havent done yet. Take that land of stupid inbread anime, with your 3 voice actors that do everyshow, and your stupid addictive money spending.

speaking of Japan actually more MK.

so, you can make profiles, and they're not retarded like the VF4 profiles, which have to be on different memory cards, you just like press l1, and then put in your code and it activates your profile. and when you win, you get koins of different kinds and values, which are then used to buy secrets. so like, If i get like hella coins and then unlock a secret character, then when I put in a code, it will let me use it, but not my friends on their profiles. also!!!!!!!!! the best part, is that you can wadger your coins before the fight, which is really fun, cause you can really put your money where your mouth is, and be like, "I bet 200 Onyx coins that I'm gonna kick your ass fucker!" and then if you lose your friend gets the coins. but the best part is, that you can't cheat and be like, I'll wadger coins, then pull out the memory card so it dosent save the loss, because as soon as you wadger, it saves the loss of coins wadgered to both profiles, so that if you're like "ha! i'll be sneaky or something" you can't. so that's good. also, the game is just really nice looking, and it has both the soul calibur 3d goodness, but it still has a good emphasis on 2d street fighter special moves, and jumping is still an actually viable component. of course, that's caUse the jumping is still the magical mk jumping, not the Street Fighter jump=> chain combo jumping. However, everyone's moves are all different, like to the point where the buttons aren't even tekken style punch/kick it's just 1 2 3 4. so like, if you're using a fighting style that dosent punch or kick, there's none of the magical dudley/Balrog "kick" attacks. plus, the weapons are nicely done and balanced, and kung lao still throws his hat.

I accidentally did a fatality, which was really cool. cause during fatality time, you switch fighting styles to "fatality" and then do the sequence, and I switched, and then I was trying to walk over to opponent to kill them, and I'm like why isn't my character moving?!?!?! and I'm like, this is some sort of weird fatality time glitch, where they just stand there, so then i just mashed the buttons, and it's all "fatality" and then it did the magical fatality of doom! and everyone's all "yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

so yeah, in short, it's way worth buying. I can't wait to paly it again.

so, my mom and sister are in japan. they're like 1.5 huors away from my dorm, and I need to go get them, but it's such a crappy commuite, and it cost like 5 dollars each way. but they're gonna come back here, and then we're gonna play games, and then we're gonna go to kichijouji and shop. and yeah. so that will be special. man I'm tired.

I'm super happy about all the cool presents people gave me!!!!! I showed the Choji Moji Video to people and they thought it was cool. I really liked the new kiss video. Everyone really liked the ending too! that was rad. I want to go and make hella movies and stuff when I get back. I have this thing that's like a video capture usb thing for my computer now, but it's all "plug the audio into the audio in on your computer," and I'm all! I dont have one you fuck heads! that's why i bought this stupid thing!!!!!!!!!!" but maybe I do. I should e-mail them, cause that's pretty ghetto. and like, there's a line in option in the controll panels. I should e-mail them. blah. but I can at least capture/export video to my computer now. and I mean analouge, and cause I have a built in Firewire port, so I can do digital hella easy. bkfhal!? yeahs. man. I need to do stuff.

yeah, so I got the Clerks DVD, and the southpark movie dvd, which made me happy. and Also hella beef jerky, and popcorn, and I bought myself the Japanese edition of the gremlins 2 dvd, which has like tailand language subtitles options, which is rockin!!!!! That's my fucking favorite movie.

also, I bought GUilty Gear XX recently, so I'm happy. happy happy happy. Japan is the land of buying crap. it's rockin. I need to figure out what I'm gonna buy for everyone. yeah. charizard!

um so yeah. I havent watched the Sealab videos yet, but I'm sure they will be super fun! but anyways I should mosey on to ikebukuro soon.

oh, did I mention that I bought the best ONE PIECE shirt? It's blue, and it's just the retarded pirate flage logo that Luffy Drew, and it's 130% awesome! anyone who's a fan of ONE PIECE can appreciate the greatness. I'll have to take a picture of it, and that will be rockin! blah. I think I will shower at my mom's hotel room. I need to buy something for my sister to look at. I think I will stop buy and get her some used Japanese Gameboy game. that would be rockin! or njakflnsdjjkadfg

hrm... running out of typing steam. I wish my bike was fixed, and all the other things were on vacation land.

I like the kitten calendar. I saw one in the the store, and I"m like, hrm, I wish I had a callendar of Kittens, and then I got one yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yeah, One Piece, Mortal Kombat 5 stuff.

Brittany brought Hawk 4, which is nice. I was sad that they took out some of the options like the scars, and alot of the sill stuff. maybe you have to buy it or something. cause I hella wanted arm wraps on both arms. and I made the 7 foot tall pirate skater. it's funny. bleep bloop!!! you can't have the super fat skater anymore, but you can make the weird proportioned popeyeskater. and there's no normal hair options. that was pretty ghetto. I dont know. habkgfsdjb!?

yes. so Merry Christmas.

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