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man. Today was so nice and great. I had alot of fun. I played an ass load of DDR, and I wanted to keep playing it, even after will was compleatly tired of it at 3:20 in the morning. I cant really describe what happened, but three of my college friends met with all my normal friends, and it didn't seem wierd, or out of place or anything. That's what's so strange about college. i hasent been an adjustment or anything wierd or foreign at all. and like when I cam home, it wasn't a big exciting amaziung thing either. I guess it's cause I live so close, and I havent even been in school for very long.
man, I really like that Titan AE movie. but I confirmed that my VCR is jacked. I'm pretty pissed at the stupid neilson people who took eveything apart and broke everything.

Sara needed to be picked up from alameda this afternoon. Normally this would be the kind of task that would be assigned to adrian, but that isn't going to work, so I made patrick do it instead. he did a good job, much better than I would be able to do. but now someone (mosr likely him,) will have to take her back tomorrow
although will should make his mom do it.

I need to take two girls to the bookstore tomorrow, and I dont mean borders. I also need to sleep, so I can wake up and go to the choir thingy tomorrow. just thinking about it makes me annoyed, becasue I know I will probably see Olivia, and she is stupid. It's strange to think what I was doing a year ago at this time... strange how girls can suddenly change and give no explanation. Oh well... I wonder if she ever used that vibrator that I bought her. she said she was going to, but she had decided to break contact with me shorty after. Can girls get so scared that a guy is too into her? I remember when I dragged adrian out at like 2 in the morning to write things with sidewalk chalk on her sidewalk. I think that would be romantic. like, something that you would see on tv, or soemthing. like a bill murray kind of thing. oh well. That's all behind me now.

man... I really wish I could concecrate the direction that my life is going in. Although I find the vacilliation between stuff fun, I wish... something. when i start putting "stuff" into my entries, you know that I'm tired.
I'm excited about what the future has in store for me... I also like my past acomplishments.

I cant wait to get digital editing stuff, so I can make retarded 70meg movies, and force everyone to watch them.

People seemed to like my Dance video. that's good. I want to change it, but I dont know if I'll be able to. I want to redue to song as well... oh well. I can do it at college too.

I dont want to end on this note. I just want to say stuff. Good stuff. and stuff. hi everone reading this!

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