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wow. apparently my visor has a built in microphone...

uh. I'm tired of people not understanding what cloning really is, and is like "we can't have clones, cause then they will make clone armies, and than all will be the dark side of the force!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

and i'm like blah. that only worked because of the brainwashing/accellerated growth! they could have used anykids, it's just if they're clones it's easier to make. yar!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, they're like we dont really know how to make clones yet, so we should just ban it and never try again. I think that if someone wants to ban something, there's alot more pressing issues that your can worry about rather than cloning. I guess it's easy to just make a black/white judgment about, because it is still purely in an abstract state. with other things like war, poverty, immagrants, as well as literacy and school uniforms, thoes are all things that exist, and have tangible, unignorable positive and negitive aspects. That's what i think. plus other stuff that I'm too lazy to type.

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