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27 November 2000 @ 01:12 am
booty call, the Whole Story  
Raizin is King: i need you.

Auto response from ZeroBatsu: *** I am gone now. Please leave a message and I
will see it when I get back. ***

Raizin is King: to go to the meeting tommorrow.
ZeroBatsu: I just finished having sex
Raizin is King: and tell them that i talked to carol last week, and i was excused.
Raizin is King: and that i can't come to the meeting tommorrow, because i need
to work on a social studies project.
Raizin is King: and that pat already asked me to write a thank you note to
albertsons, and i am on top of that.
Raizin is King: and that i am interested in joining your little lobby club even
though i don't know the password.
ZeroBatsu: raizin is my king
ZeroBatsu: I want raizin
ZeroBatsu: Hey!
Raizin is King: and that i wore an orange vest and a sailor's hat to school last
week, so even though you didn't see me, you stole my idea... again.
ZeroBatsu: You can be King Raizin! We'll call you 'Hoju' for short!
ZeroBatsu: macho macho duck!
ZeroBatsu: he's a macho macho duck! cmon buddy!
ZeroBatsu: macho macho duck! the slickest bird in the nation! he's a macho macho
Raizin is King: and that it's easy for zoe to write funny minutes by writing down
every little thing that happens and not paying attention, but that's not enough.
eventually everyone will write funny minutes every week, and you have to be
creative at 10 o'clock at night, and not paying attention and writing
unimportant details will only take you so far.
Raizin is King: can you remember all of that?
ZeroBatsu: yes. I think
ZeroBatsu: farty fart faryt
Raizin is King: what are you going to tell people?
ZeroBatsu: um
Raizin is King: damn it! i need you chris!
ZeroBatsu: oh
ZeroBatsu: I need you to raizin.
Raizin is King: sigh.
ZeroBatsu: I'm saving this conversation too, so that i can steal from it.
Raizin is King: i can't believe i wasn't there when people voted for you.
Raizin is King: good. save it. remember what i said.
ZeroBatsu: this is Adrian
Raizin is King: and spread the word.
ZeroBatsu: which is probably why you've been confused
Raizin is King: what?
ZeroBatsu: because I'm not responsible in any way
Raizin is King: oh, well neither is chris...
Raizin is King: but is still need you to go to the meeting and say all that stuff.
ZeroBatsu: hmm
ZeroBatsu: yes?
Raizin is King: will you?
ZeroBatsu: I will do my best
Raizin is King: excellent.
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Patrickmcpat on November 27th, 2000 10:20 am (UTC)
I don't Understand?
Helenhelen on November 27th, 2000 04:06 pm (UTC)
I don't understand either
explain, please.
Siner Dsirnerd on November 27th, 2000 04:21 pm (UTC)
I understand
Brianbriguy508 on November 27th, 2000 09:16 pm (UTC)
What the hell was that? was that an old conversation, or what? i think he was talking about stage IV, but you're not in stage IV. geez, this is going to make me think for a long time....
Phat Bobphatbob on November 27th, 2000 11:22 pm (UTC)
My Cats Breath smells like cat food
Only those who have fallen shall doth therefore be
in the presence of the damned. In other words why the hell did you post this journal.
Siner Dsirnerd on November 28th, 2000 02:49 am (UTC)
Re: My Cats Breath smells like cat food
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Almond joys got nuts. mounds don't.

Nuts are good. I think cashews rank the highest. So they're the kings of nuts. King Cashew... pretty catchy. Then i'd say almonds. And peanuts, but a peanut is niether a pea nor a nut... or is it?! Wait, how can it not be a nut, what the hell is it if it's not a nut. anyways, then there are those nuts that only taste good with other nuts... like walnuts and hazelnuts. Oh and those round nuts are good too, don't know what those are called but they are in those chocolate candies with peanuts and chocolate and cookie shell. I think my favorite nut of all time though is nutmeg. actually i hate nutmeg... or is that eggnog. hmmm, is there a difference... wait a second... What's nutmeg?!?!
MegaManmegaman on November 28th, 2000 07:27 am (UTC)
Re: My Cats Breath smells like cat food
are peanuts like roots or cysts or something. cause they grow underground like potatoes. or something. something crazy. I need to start this essay about my ethnisicity. I get to talk about how I'm filled with American mutt-ness. the paper will be called "AP! American Pride" or "Mega Man's super day at the superStore!"
I havent decided.
(Anonymous) on November 28th, 2000 05:07 pm (UTC)
Raizin is King
I remember when we had that conversation. I also remember when you sent out an e-mail to all of stage iv, with that conversation on it.
MegaManmegaman on November 28th, 2000 08:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Raizin is King
man! the people on who wants to be a millionaire should be called who wants to be an idiot!
a little old lady, whispering "Hush!"gorpyganu on November 28th, 2000 10:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Raizin is King
I agree. except that if the show was called who wants to be an idiot, no one would want to go on it (because no one *wants* to be an idiot except for soime people, and those people already are idiots). instead they should call it Who Wants to be a {something else} and the {something else} should be another word that means idiot, except it would be like an SAT word that nobody knew, that way, all the stupid people would go on the show, because they thought it means something good. And then maybe when they get all the questions right (or wrong, depending on how the game would work) they get a dictionary to look up what the word means, except since they're stupid, they don't know how to use a dictionary that isn't like on a computer or something, so instead they use the dictionary as a beer coaster for the den.