MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

I feel bad. I feel bad because I was at the kick out party for my club last night, and some of the girls asked me what the most important thing for getting a boyfriend was. They waited with excited happy faces, like children at christmas. I felt bad, because I knew that one of the most importnant things (especially in a japanese style, slow build up relationship,) is availibility. Not as in not going out with someone else, but like, having time after school and work to hang out with a boyfriend. and as I said it, all their faces sunk, because they knew that was the one thing that they could never really achieve. So I talked about how that was my experience in America. Then I made up something about how if both people are really busy, or like if they're both really busy together then it could still work, and they got excited again. but I knew that was untrue crap. yeah. it was hard.

Kevin's comic rocks. because I'm basically here by myelf, I"m gonna use this week to
1st: clean my room and do launry
2nd: fix Chojimoji stuff
3rd: restart CMH and/or make a choji moji music video. or both.
4th: read the last ONE PIECE comic.
5th: Read all the Big O comcis.
7th: figure out classes
8th Play pokemon.
9th other.

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