MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

This is some of my thoughts about the war. Also about Lord of the rings, which I feel is intrinsically connected.

LuxuryProb: what do people over there think about this whole thing?
Me: um
Me: bush is stupid
Me: alot of non americans say that the worst part is that it hurts american citizens
Me: like
Me: bush can do whatever he wants, because he's never going to leave texas
Me: but like
Me: people who dont have that luxury
Friend on AIM: yea
Me: like who travel or something
Me: are just going to get spit upon
Me: i want to meet someone from iraq
Friend on AIM: yea
Me: it would be nice if like this made some headway into the middle east
Me: so that the US could come and rebuilt/brainwash Iraq like they did japan
Friend on AIM: yea, things are pretty fucked up there
Me: the thing is
Me: bush is working againts over 3000 years of petty fighting
Friend on AIM: yea and hes not gonna be able to solve it
Friend on AIM: not at all
Me: especially by fighitng more
Me: what it needs is like educataion and stuff
Me: but it's hard because one of the problems is the ideology is so different
Friend on AIM: i dont know what the middle east needs
Me: so its like
Me: how can you justify that non iraq way of thinking is better
Me: when it's all realitive
Me: and just what you were taught as you were growing up
Friend on AIM: theres jsut so much deep seated, and ingrained hate and corruption and lots of it is based on things like religion which people dont just get convinced, or educated or fought out of
Me: yeah
Me: that's why
Me: if they are just totally rebuilt from the ground up
Me: with values more applicable to the international society
Me: that would help
Friend on AIM: but again, who are we, or anyone to determine what values a certain people should have
Me: yeah
Friend on AIM: i mean, yea suicide bombings and shit arent exactly diplomatic
Friend on AIM: but its their fight, ya know
Me: yeah
Me: like
Me: its all realitive
Me: i keep thinking about aragorn in the hells keep
Me: or whatever
Me: doing whatever to escape the vastly more powerfull sauron army
Friend on AIM: yea
Friend on AIM: thats an interesting analogy
Friend on AIM: i can kind of see it
Me: there are differences
Friend on AIM: but its less good and evil
Me: yeah
Me: but that's probaly how iraq feels
Friend on AIM: yea
Me: like american is out to just destroy its way of thinking and culture and stuff
Me: so it can take over the world
Friend on AIM: yea, it is kind of like that
Me: and the humans are just like weak retarded people
Me: weak and frightened
Me: and the fellowship is like the 9-11 attakcers
Me: desperate to do whatever they can to make a strike against the impervoius country of evil and domination
Me: knowing they will probably die
Me: it's not too much different
Me: like...
Me: a rebellion is a rebellion
Me: whether it is Luke's star wars rebellion, or Bin Ladden's rebellion is a matter of where your seated

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