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The Real AP

AP! American Pride!

This is what I originally wrote. but it was too concice, and so i switched to the other prompt.

A lot of people think I'm part Asian. That would make sense because I like a lot of Asian culture, and I study Japanese. Plus, I look Asian in all my baby pictures. But I'm not Asian, I'm American.
Seems like a strange response, doesn't it. When prompted, most people would say black, or white or Asian; maybe they would be more specific and say French and German, or Korean and Mexican. But I don't say that, I tell people I'm an American, because that's what I am.
"American?" people respond in shock when I answer about my ethnicity. Both sides of my family can be traced back to before the revolutionary war, why shouldn't I be called an American? During the past several hundred years my ancestors have been Scottish, Spanish, Irish, Germanic, Slovak, French, African, Asian, and Native American. Would it be any more useful to try and list my ethnicity in 128ths? I don't even think it's possible. Besides, is it important to list the specifics of my ancestors when asking about me? The important thing to remember is that my family has lived in this country for around 200 years. I believe that my family has the same right to call themselves ethnic Americans as the Mexicans can call themselves Mexicans, or the south Africans can call themselves south African, and not Dutch.

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