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Today I saw X2 Response follows:

I havent seen the first one, but i really liked the new one. I was suprised at hom much I know about all the nerdy inner-relations of all the characters.
UH. yeah. I thouht it was cool. Nightcrawler and pyro have always been two of my favorite characters. Cyclopse is still stupid, but rouge was neat. and they made mystique much more of a bad-ass than in the comics, and that's good. uh, yeah. budgffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
yeah. I liked it alot. I thought that it was cool all the "secret stuff" like when they did the magneto ripping the iron out of the guy's blood. when magneto broke out, that was just hella cool! also that they had james braddoc, and pheonix hinting. hahaha. that made my day.
that, and buying a nice new game for gameboy advance, and the stupid headphone adaptor, that plugs into the power in thing, so you can't have it plugged in, and use the headphones. blah.

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