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21 May 2003 @ 01:45 am
you probably dont care  

Hello! This is Chris!

Today was the day of the big T-shirt ordering super party!
Most of you who wanted T-shirts were able to meet me and place your order, but there are still a few people who haven’t ordered t-shirts. Don’t freak out! You can still write in your order on the order form by the entrance to global house. Also, if you want to order a T-shirt, but were unable to pay the 100yen deposit, you can still give it either to me or Amelia at any time. You could even give it to me in the middle of a class! Isn’t that super convenient?

Some of you have been wondering how the Images of the shirt will look. Well, Joe and I have been hard at work to maximize both the visibility and the Awesomeness factor of the Images, and have come up with these simulated prototypes:


As you can see, it should look pretty good. Keep in mind that these are just samples, and the final image will have the glaring errors found in it corrected.
We have yet to finish the back side image, but it will keep within the theme, and look just as cool.
The t-shirts will be ordered soon, and should arrive beginning of June.

Hope you have fun!
-Chris Webster
Current Music: The Matches - CA - Superman (from E. Von Dahl...)
Helenhelen on May 20th, 2003 11:56 pm (UTC)
I just saw Wil! I'm back in Palo Alto for a visit and I ran into him this evening on University Ave. He looked the same, but...bigger. He said he'd call you when you get back from Japan. It's funny cause I always wonder what the hell ever became of him, and then I saw him. Anyway...yeah. Crazy.