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I bought Shining Soul for GBA. It's actually a year old, but it's hella fun! it's like Secret of mana ish, but one player, but you get items and it has the dungeon/one town thing like Breath of Fire 5 or Moria. uh, unless there's more towns which is possible. also... it's fun. and you can charge up your weapons. and then go "lightnihg!"
I've only used the fhiter and magic user, and so far the magics that she uses have different ranges, tatics; like ice freezes them, and when you charge it up it can hit more guys. and then, lightnig auto-aims, and hits surrounding guys as well, and you can attack across walls with it. yeah. so, Apparently it's not in the US yet, but it's pretty fun, and just the right level of RPG/action that I was looking for. I'm still gonna get castlevania, but I'm gonna get it in US, cause it's like $45 here, even for the old ones. blah.

oh, but supernes contra is out on gba. for $40. blarg!

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