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Lady and The Tramp

We (meaning my college social group) watched Lady and the Tramp yesterday. I had never realized how life-like the dogs animation is. It's really fun to watch, although the beginning where she is a puppy, and they try to lock her in the room was really sad, I almost started crying. It made me miss my kittens. (I found some pictures of bunnies on someones wall, and i spent 15 minutes petting the pictures and saying gibberish to them, and giggling. Then I felt very silly and left. but it was fun.) anyways I really liked watching that movie. I thought about how the movie is really a non-standard scenerio for a disney movie, and the animation is really really good. (plus almost every character in it is a racial stereotype, but that's funny in itself. Watch it, you'll see what I'm talking about!) The presentation of the movie really amazed me. there are moments when it registers emotion so well that I was just "wow!" like when you first see the mom with her new baby, and it's all sunny and siloettey... It's certainly a very diffrent feel from the new disney movies. makes me wonder how disney's gonna look in 25 years. (the animation is the rescueers is hella ghetto!)

The best part about Lady and The tramp is that The tramp calls Lady Pidgeon. he says "hey, Pidge." That's so Cool! After comming to this realization I felt an intamate bond with the tramp.

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