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Stuff is on fire!

Hey. I'm trying to buy a camera before I leave.
these are my options
I was hoping to find one under 30,000 yen (that's about $300). so yes. if you have any ideas or anything please let me know.

EDIT: I'm really leaning towards this one. although it's pretty expensive. it has 3 times digital zoom, and is 22mm thick (that's less than a gameboy advance SP when closed. it's also 3.2Megapixels, so I could use it for a long time. but I dont know. it is about $400... I really want to buy a dvd player when I get home, and I only have like $800 to spend... hafumu
( english info here )

ヨ!秋葉原が好き人はこのホームページを見た? 超便利だべ!


T-shirtsはkickout partyに配る。その時までに、待っているよ!
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