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23 June 2003 @ 04:53 pm
Yes! my horrible horrible internet is working again, so that I can go online.

I'm sendingh like
uh, hella to the US via ship. which is pooy. blah.

uh, la la la chooopy!
dknjflggsjnklgfa <== Just remembered something! やばい!!
uh. yeah, I'm i'm getting a cold. and I bought the camera for 40,215yen after tax, which is like $380 ish. so yeah. good deal.
but i had to pay in cash, so I don't have too much money left over (sad sad)
and yes. it will probably cost like $300 to send all my stuff back. and... I dont have a box to send my posters of guitar back in. fuck, I need to get like a box for the guitar. poooooo!
Current Music: 03-Freaky Friday