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final day...

today was the last day to hang out with my taiko club.
I think that they really like me, because they sat through the whole choji moji video tape that bobby sent me for christmas. also, they made this really cool card, and they want to go with me to the air port (which is like a 2 hour journey.)
It's nice. I feel good that I've had such a good impact.
Borkan is lucky that I'm gonna leave all this stuff for him here. but he's gonna have to live up to my amazing name. hahah! good luck borkan!!!!!!!

so I really have only 1 more day left in japan.
I think I'm gonna go to akihabara 1 last time. hopefully Seb will be able to tape some stuff of akihabara, and then I'll make a choji moji video of it. blarg.

I still need to start shipping my stuff. I think I might make it and not run out of money. yay! but it dosent really matter too much. wuuuuuuuuu. as for the guitar, I bought some bubble wrap, and just wrapped the guitar up in it and put it in the soft case. I think that will be sufficent to coushin on the airplane cargo hold. I was really only worried about bringin it to the airport. but if taiko people are comming, then one of them can carry it. wuuu!!!! I'm pretty excited! yay!

Even though I'm probably not going to see most of these people again, no one's really sad or anything. I mean, we all knew that this was only temporary going into it, so it's not like anyone's suprised.
Sometimes my ability to speak japanese suprises me. or like, when I dont really notice what language is being used. yeah. it's fun. I will probably come back. and that will be neat! yay!

haurna bought me chicken! ore, ureshikunnata!

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