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Super amazing Super fun!

The amazing rock opera V0.8

Rock opera
Breaking down into segments

1) There is a boy. And his parents are killed by pirates, and he has to grow up with abusive foster parents. To block out the tyranny of his foster parents, he played hella video games.

Hey boy look at you
What are you doing?
Who are you?

Where are your parents?
Are they all dead.
Your life is useless
It’s in your head

You can’t go back to the island you were born on
You can’t go back to the happy time in the sun
You can’t find a way to avenge your parents murderd by pirates
And you can’t stop playing video games.

Hey boy look at you.
Why are you living here?
Who are those people?

Where are your friends
Do you have any?
You can’t do anything
It’s all in your head

Are you telling me you live with your cruel foster parents
Are you telling me, you have no friends and are all alone
Are you telling me you don’t do anything but play video games
And you can’t stop playing… video games

Hey boy look at you
Where are you going?
Who will help you?

Where is your destiny?
Do you have one
You don’t have one
It’s all in your head.

[spoken]: stop playing video games and do your homework!

2) But he had an unexpected reaction on his 16th birthday. The video games warp his mind, and he feels like he needs to Save the world.

Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthdayday to me!
Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday!
To me!

I’m 16 now! My world has opened up for me, I can finally be be free
Of this tyranny!
I’m 16 now, and like my guinnie pigs did last week, I’ll run away and never look back!

I’m like a track star running down hurdles.
I’m like a jet plane smashing the sound barrier
I’m like a a bullet from the barrel of a well greased gun, Hitting Nazis in the head!

Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Let’s go!

I’m 16 now, and I’ve got the world in front of me!
I can be what I want to be!
I can kill anyone that trys to stop me!

Something something

I’m like a track star running down hurdles.
I’m like a jet plane smashing the sound barrier
I’m like a red hot knife plunging deep into a hot bowl of butter!

I’m like a track star running down hurdles.
I’m like a jet plane smashing the sound barrier
I’m like a little kid who dosent know what he’s doing, and made some bad decisions, and is lost now, and can never go home.

3) He runs away from home because of the badness, so he lives for a couple of years on the street as a Vagrant, like Ryu from Street Fighter

Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!
I’m gonna Tear your face off with a touch of my Fist!

Hadouken hadouken
You win!

I gotta big fight now
I know I’m gonna win
I the biggest and strongest
There ever has been.

These lyrics suck, and if you don’t like them
Then you can fight me, and I’ll kick your ass!
Because I’ve been playing video games all my life
And I watch Kung fu movies
And I can’t be beaten!

I’ll live off the streets Kick punch chop!
And I kick you in the nuts!
And then I’ll steal your money and give it to the poor,
Cause I’m the biggest super hero ever!

5) At first he tries to be a hero by Street fighting the local street fighting shaolin taekwando Ninja Mafia.

Mafia: konichiha!
Boy: Stop right there, evil band of street fighting shaolin taekwando ninja mafia!
Mafia: ore tachi to tatakaitai no?
Boy: sono tori!

Yama no ue ni ore tachi no ninja dang a
Zetai makenai
Temei ha kore kara kitta bikurishita!
Demo kono michi made ha Final Resting place!
Let’s go!

Nande power ga nai!
Nande kimi to tatakawanai!
Nande te mo ashi mo yowai!
Ore tachi tsuyoi!!!!!!!!

Machi de mo umi de mo ore tachi ga iru
Hitori no seishin ha dou suru tsumori daro?
Koso gaki Feeling lucky zettai makeru yo!
Power ga nashi, keiken mo nai!
Looks like it’s time for you to die!

[Round 1…Fight!]

Fighting noises!

I may be young
I may look week
But in my veigns runs run a powerful streak
You ninjas are nothing
That I can’t endure
I’m a street fighting entrapanure!
Let’s go!

[round 2… fight!]

Makeru! Makeru! Makeru! Yo

The ninjas are beaten, and they swear allegiance to him. Thus his career is born!

6) Over the next 4 years he rises to the top of the local street fighters. At age 20 he is beaten, and loses faith in his fighting, and his mission.

he grows weary of fighting. Is disillusioned by the groups lack of accomplishments. He started out wanting to be a hero, but all they’ve become is a crazy group of vigilanties. Just barely keeping on the side of good.
The only thing that keeps him going is his hate of the pirates that killed his parents.
But one day he meets a girl…

7) He realizes that he can make money being a gigolo, but on his first night He falls in love

Boy: Making money with the Ladies!
C’mon ladies, give me your money!

that's what I’m talking about

oh yeah

hello there babe don’t call me crazy
I’ve running after love and you are my lady
I cannot lie, I'm not that shy
I’ll stick it in you and I’ll make you cry

touch me low and don’t let go
just take my fuck and let me flow
you will not run
I’m too much fun
drop down upon me and I'll make you cum!

don’t get me wrong
just hear my song
love me here
I'm your new king Kong!!!

listen to your love for me
it's singing me to sleep
how much of your soul will i begin to keep?

hold me in your moist silk
hold me in real tight
suck me in and spit me out
here I'll take my flight

how much more will i go for
suck it now baby you’re my new whore
lets make a toast to me our host
I’ve invited you over so you can be your most

listen to me and you will see
let me in on you, and I’ll make you bleed
cause i am a demon with devil like seamen
to purify your soul with you I'll be feeling

happiness is a blissful element of love
fly higher baby with your wings of a dove
my horneyness is killing me
I cannot fight the urge
quench my love with your wet lips,
I know you've got the courage

Ahhhh yeah, what's he talking about
this ant no game
oh shit

holy smoke this ant no joke
suck it, suck it, suck it, gonna make me choke
good god girl, I'll fill up your world
I'm losing myself, yeah my head's in a whirl

Hear me chant, oh hear me pant
I’m coming now baby and you are plant
this a lot I feel is shot,
damn it now girl you’re my little red ho

this i feel inside, your soul is in my brain
cant stop thinking of you and it's driving me insane

this is my love,
cutting out my heart so clear.
in your bed, it's in my head
this is love I fear

happiness is a blissful element of love
fly higher baby with your wings of a dove
my hornienss is killing me
can i fight the urge
quench my love with your wet lips
I know you've got the courage
oooooooo aaaaa yeah!
na na na na na na
oh yeah
ooooooooo la la la ladub!
love love me baby baby

na na na na na na!
love me baby, love me
love me real good
love oh yeah...

8) and it turns out that the girl is a pirate, from the Urban Pirates who killed his parents.

[spoken] you want to hear a story?
In a city with a side walk and a little house beside it
Slept a girl
A little girl

In a home twas made of oak wood and filled with memories
There laid a brother
To the little girl

The boy was born in darkness could not see and could not walk
And he was crying
For that little girl

A cry that breaks your heart.
A cry that cannot be free
A cry that makes you want to do anything
To save your brother…

One day in the winter, when the stove was burning brightest
She saw a man
That poor little girl

The man was made of robots they have burrowed deep inside him
“He could walk again”
thought that little girl

Sent from god in heaven in form of human’s hand beside her
Could save her brother
Sighed that little girl

A sighed that breaks your heart.
A sighed that cannot be free
A sighed that makes you want to do anything
To save your brother…

The treatment was expensive, had to find the means to buy it
She joined the pirates
That lost little girl

She swore her life’s alliance, earned her money in defiance
She saved her brother
That strong little girl

She gave it for her brother, put her heart out for another
He walks in freedom
For that little girl

A cry that mends your heart.
A cry that was made free
A cry that makes you want to do anything
To help another…

The little girl’s all grown now, Still a pirate in this town.
She wants a family
Her own little girl

She sees the man along the street, eyes that shine, he shuffles his feet
Maybe he could use
His own little girl

Scars from battles on your face, but I can tell your heart’s in place
Are you looking for some love…
From this little girl

A scar that hides your feelings
A wound that you wont free
A tear that makes you want to do anything
To help another…

You want to be a hero, you cant close your heart to love
You helped me save my brother and
That little girl…
That little girl was me.

9) The boy is torn between his love between his love for the girl and his need for revenge.

I see truth in your eye
You don’t see me anymore
You can see all that you want
And it’s not me

I’ve grown too far
You’ve gone back to being distant
Well you’re the one you did it
Don’t blame me.

Your mom was killed by pirates
You don’t see me, you see her
Your dad was killed by pirates
It’s not the two of us, it’s them.

Well, I don’t need your pride
I don’t need you walking in here
And taking me my back, to the
Bottom of my heart.
And I don’t need you screaming
Saying I’m the one needs fixing
When it really rests with you
You don’t know what to do.

You say They killed your parents
That’s all history now
You say they killed your parents
They’re not dead
They live inside your head!

Na na na na na na (etc)

I don’t need you walking in here
And tell me I’m no good, that my
Family not with ya.
Our Sides might be devided
But my secret’s been confided
With you…

I don’t need you walking in here
And telling me that you love me too,
But I like when you do…

10) (insert West Side Story segment of streetfight between his streetgang and her pirate gang. She dies.) He must go on in his life.

Boy: Stella! Stella! Wuuuu!
Something interesting
He goes to meet her pirate crew to try and make amendes.
But his street gang see him with them, and thinks that they are attacking him, cause they know that he hates pirates. And they start to fight. And then she is killed in the cross fire. And

11) He crys and reflects on his love with the girl
i left you there,
despite your cries
no one in your arms for comfort
you needed me despite my lies
no one in the world to hold you

my back was turned to hide my face
no one in my arms for comfort
I needed you, to fall from grace
no one in the world consoled me.

on second sight
I saw once more
eyes that helped me,
arms that held me
body that I lusted for
the lips i loved
once i loved,
but now your lips inspire me no more


we rushed to meet
embraced again
i only held you there for comfort
my mind was set
to make this end
someone in the world to hurt you

for you and i
i finally won
you were not my only comfort
I sighed relief

you're finally gone
no one in the world to hurt me

winters past

and rains have come
but you have left
with no return
i need the pain you brought before
from then I loved
it's you i love
but now your works inspire me no more

summers past and rain has passed
I have found my faith at last
i wish that we were still at war
I lost my love,
I need my love
if only you'd inspire me once more

Act II:
11) Starts out with the fifi song.

12) and then the guy goes away from the Stage and He’s in the car.
In the car he Finds out that there is someone in the backseat. And it’s the ghost of Fifi. And then there is a phantom of the opera style thing of the two of them singing.

Fifi: Dun dun dun dun!!!!
Boy: whose there?
Fifi: dun dun dun duuuuuuuun!!!!!!
Boy: I hear, yet see nothing!
Fifi: Dun! Dun! Dun! Dun! Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Boy: Show thyself! Spirit unveil thy ghostly visage lest I bring Heven’s wrath upont thy heathen brow!
Fifi: butrock scream!
Boy: girly scream of frightenness!

Boy: spirit, what beith thy mission? Make clear thy bidding, for thou hast startled me.
Fifi: I…. made… you…
Boy: whatesth can thy mean?
Fifi: I… made… you who you are now!
Boy: mine simple virtues dothent understand thy message spirit.
Fifi: I gave you your destiny! I am-[he is cut off]
Boy: I emplore you spirit, in the name of the Father and ofth thine shallow, still wet grave, speak thine message unto me, lest I be one to help thine mission.
Fifi: shut up so I can tell you!
Boy: please spi-
Fifi: SHUT UP!
Fifi: I made you boy! I made you boy! If it were not for me, you would be dead!
I am your creator, I am your saviour, I am the one who died for you!
Boy: … Jesus?
Fifi: no! I’m FiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the dog!!!!!
Boy: Oheth mineth goddeth! Ye art the ghost of Fifi the dog!
Fifi: I gave my soul for you! I bit the bullet for you, and you havent thanked me!
I crossed the line for you. Wasted my mind for you, and you did nothing for me.
My spirit cannot rest, though I gave my body away.
I cannot find peace except through you.
I made you, I saved you, I gave my life for you,
So I could use you! SO I COULD USE YOU!
Boy: beith thou for real?
Fifi: you’ve lead a life of death,
You’ve lead a life of pain
You’ve taken from others what they gave you!
You’ve never had a friend, to call you own.
I could have let you die like you’ve let others do, but I gave myself
So I could save you!
Boy: but why?
Fifi: There was one that gave her life for you.
There was one that you truly cared for.
There was one before me, that you truly knew…
Boy: a girl a knew.
Fifi: you loved her! She died for you!
You loved her! She cried for you!
And what did you give her?
Boy: I gave her nothing… but pain.

13) And they get out of the car and go to the Underwear store. Because he saw a sad Kitten, and wants the kitten to have Cool Underwear so it will cheer up. (there is a current really popular Cartoon character on tv that all the cats like, and that is what the underwear is that he’s trying to buy.)

boy: so, what do you want me to do.
Fifi: listen to my story
Boy: then will I know what to do?
Fifi: listen to my story:…
An old man sits alone
He knows what’s up
He’s dying.

Not a friend around to
Keep him company;
He knows he dying

He looks but can’t see
He’s old and blind
And dying

A man that looks like you
Staring into space
Waiting for the day that left to come
But he can’t call it. He’s dying…

His room is painted Gold
But he dosent care;
He’s dying

His food’s already cold,
he dosent want to eat
he’s dying

His books have all been read…
no more will to live
He knows he dying

A man with nothing
Sitting in the dark
His bones are old, his hair is gone
His memories all dead.
He’s too alone to cry;
He’s Dying.

Someone from the neighbor hood
Comes to pay a visit
An old man’s eyes are shut,
Is he dying?

The neighbor sneaks inside
He sees the man’s asleep
The Old man dosen’t hear him
He is dying

The neighbor looks around
Is he a burgular or a thief?
The visitor wants nothing, but he walks toward the spot
where the old man’s lying…

He jumps up on the old man’s lap
who feels the fur brush his skin
What has come over him
Is he dying?

The visitor lets out a meow
Rubs the man and then lays right down
The Old man cracks a smile in reaction
Will he be dying?

The old man shifts his weary arms
Moves to comfort his guest from afar
The cat purrs like nirvana
Is he still dying?

Together they sit to pass the hours
Neither of them had other plans that night
The cat falls asleep, warm and safe and happy
The old man falls suit,
He is smiling

In the night the cat’s ears perk
The man does not convulse nor jerk
He slips away into the light at last…
He was smiling

[Music break]

The cat walked away
Never to look back
Satisfied with knowing
That in his life he spent some time
To help a man find happiness
Before dying…
And he was smiling

Boy: I get it, you want me to become a cat burgler, and break into the house of an old man!
Fifi: no! I want you to learn about unselfishness by doing something nice for someone else!
Boy: oh… well, why didn’t you just say that?
Fifi:… wuuuuuuuu! My time in the plane of the living is up….. wuuuuuu! Remember…. The words…. Of…. Fifi the dog….. wuuuuuuuuu!
Boy: wait! Why did you pick me? How do you know about Zelda? Are you her re-incarnated?
Fifi: I~~~~ don’t~~~~~ know~~~~~~~~!
Boy: no!

Boy: What should I do I’ve been cheated out of answers,
Theres a dog that’s dead but speaking and it’s telling about a cat.
What should I do, as I drive along the highway
there’s no exit from this madness and I’m starting to think I’m fat.

There by the road, in cardboard box abode
I wonder what’s in side?
It’s a cute little kitten sleeping by herself!
Oh oooooohhhh!

This is what the dog meant
This is where my life leads
This is who I have to help!
Little kitten, living all alone!

But what do kittens want?
But what do Kittens want?
But what do kittens want?

New song

[sounds like radio jingle]
1 2 3 lets go!
Captain Cat! Saviour of the galaxy!
Friend of all that you can see!
Here to save the day!

Captain cat! The greatest cat that ever was!
Captain cat! He beats up bad guys just because!
He’s Captain Cat!

[spoken] hey space kittens!
Announcing new captain cat underwear!
Letting you feel close to captain cat down there!
Get yours today!
[sung] Captain cat!

14) But they don’t have enough underwear, It was stolen. And he decides that the ghost of Fifi wants him to make the kitten happy to make up for Fifi’s sacrifice. (Because Fifi was the re-incarnated Spirit of his girlfriend, or so he believes.)

New song
Boy: Stolen?
Shopkeep: Stolen stolen stolen stolen stolen!
The underwear can’t be found anywhere
We’ve looked all around
And it can not be found

Boy: Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!
Shopkeep: The underwear you seek is missing!
I don’t know who took it
It was stolen when I was out back pissing.
And it can not be found
Boy: Damn it muther fuck shit cock bitch smegma!
Shopkeep: I’m sorry! I don’t have it!
And I won’t get anymore.
But ask those burly men
By the streetlamp with that whore.
[shop bell rings]
Shopkeep: thank you come again

Boy: Thoes men are Pirates!
I’d know them anywhere!
Those Dirty pirates!
The cause of this affair!

I cannot not let them see me….
Not until I know their plans!

15) All the underwear was stolen by the Urban Pirates and it’s all in an island in the gulf of Hawaii.

Woman: I want to go to HAwaiii!
I want to go to Hawaiiiiii
I want to go to Hawiaiiiii
I want to go to Hawaiiiii

Pirate: Ye be not going to Ha Wa Iii
‘Cause ye not know how to surf-ii-iii
If ye be knowing to surf-i-i
Then ye could go to ha-wa-i-i
Pirate2: We have a big pirate surf contest
And the first prize is the booty we stole.
If you could surf you could enter the contest
And then you could go to ha wa-i-i

All three: if you surf you can go to Hawaii-i
Surfing will lead to Hawaii-i-i
Not surfing won’t lead to Hawaii-i
You want to go to Hawa-i-i!

Boy: to salt lake city! (or possibly Alaska)
And then to Hawaii!

16) He goes to Learn how to get to the gulf of Hawaii,
He learns how to surf, and also how to fight Russian Wrestling style, and then other cool stuff.

Zangief: all right comrade zero. Are you ready to learn from comrade zangief?
Boy: yes!
Zangief: watch carefully
Seven years ago,
I got on a boat
The boat was headed across
The pacific!
I came to the states
The united states
Cause I had
Some but kicking to do!
Ooooooo but kicking to do
Ooooooo, butt kicking to do
Oh meshove pamieda!
OH I’m the spinning Russian man,
I will crush you with my hands
I will throw you to the ground
Then I will
Pound and pound
I’m the spinning Russian man
No one can defeat my plan!
I’m the spinning Russian man
Zangief is my name!
Oh meshove pamieda!

Boy: I thought you were going to teach me surfing
Zangief: Niet! I teach Russian Street Fighting!
Boy: but I already Know how to do that!
zangief: Final Atomic Buster!
Boy: aaaa! You put your sweaty ass all over my face!
Zangief: is good, no?
Boy: Maybe I should just sneak on their boat.
Zangief: oh meshove Pamieda!
Boy: yeah, thanks anyways…
Zangief: Dah! Oh meshove pamieda!
Boy: [walking away] right back at you big guy!

17) He gets to the beach, but he is abducted by pirates, and forced to go to Australia and feed the Pandas.

Pirates: Yo! Ho! Yo! Ho! Yo! Ho! Yo! Ho!...

Boy: Five ships!
Five ships! Five ships! Five ships!
I’ve gotta come to grips
If I’m gonna make it!

Five ships!
Five ships Five ships Five ships
I need an excellent Tip
Which one do I board?
Voice: Freeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeeeeee me!

Boy: Five ships!
Five ships! Five Ships! Five ships
Wait for the solar eclipse
And then I board one!

Five ships!
Five ships! Five Ships! Five ships
This one smells like fish and chips
So I’ll choose it!

Voice: Freeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeeeeee me!

Boy: Five Ships
Five Ships Five ships Five ships
I have really chapped lips
But I’m boarding

Voice: Free me!

Boy: Five ships
Five ships, five ships five ships
like a genius thrips
The Middle one’s Crying

Boy+ voice: Freeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeee me!
Freeeeeeeeeee me!
Boy: I’m gonna free you!
Singing kitten underwear…

18) He meets some Spanish High school teacher they talk about how they should free the pandas, and during the freeing, they catch on fire, and the main character has to run away. Before that the teacher guy gives him a mushroom.

Pandas in the corner looking straight at me

[spoken] boy: I wish I wish I haddent gotten on the wrong ship.
And then subsequently imprisoned…
In the cage with the pandas.

Duffy: hola Estudiantes! Yo soy Sr. Duffy!
[cue Spanish High school teacher in the background]
Boy: are you here to feed the pandas?
Duffy: Si! But I am not un Pirate! I am a teacher of espanol!
Boy: why are you feeding the Pandas
Duffy: I’m not feeding them, I’m freeing them!
Boy: how come?
Duffy: porque, Pandas son persons tambien!
Boy: que?
Duffy:sings Pandas are people too

Boy: I get it!
Duffy: I will now use the power of Spanish to free the pandas and explode the ship!
Sings: Donde esta el bano~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!
There is a big explosion
Boy: Aye Caramba!

19) He uses the last of his money to buy a Train ticket back to his home in California from Australia.

Boy: I would like a one way ticket.
Conductor: Do you have any baggage
Boy: no. I’ve got nothing. I’ve got nothing!!!! I’ve never had anything! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Conducter: All aboard! Cue train sounds… they slowly fade out as Darkest hour fades in.

Darkest hour

20) When he gets home the kitten has died of sadness, and the main character dies of sadness, and apoligised for bleeding on his dead girlfriend’s sweater.

Boy: Lucy! I am home!
What do meow to greet me?
You don’t want to rush and meet me?
Maybe because I smell like feet me?
Little kitten?
Little kitten….?

[notices that the kitten is dead]
saying words to you now
is all I know how to do
I was never a very good father
Never honest or true
No one could say where I was going
Drifting, like a boat with no rowing
Till I met you…

Little Kitten
Your paws were so soft!
Little kitten
Your eyes were so bright
Little kitten
What were your dreams like at night

I much more than others
Know the darkness’ chill
I much more than others
Should have warmed your shivers still
I much more than others
Could have made you feel love
And I ran away

I'm sorry little kitten
You have no rocket to the moon
I’m sorry little kitten
You have no milk in silver spoons
I’m sorry that I’m worthless
And can’t buy you underwear.

I’ll save you little kitten.
Kittens I’ll hurt no more.
I’ll Cry here little kitten
Just like you before.
Stumble at death’s door
Feel blood boil over from tears…

I made you a sweater, as I rode the train back home.
But I’m sorry little kitten
Because I bled all on it.
I’m sorry…
That I’m dead.

Boy: here little kitten… I made you a little sweater on the way back…
But… I’m dying of sadness…
And I’m sorry… for bleeding… on your sweater…

21) He’s in the afterlife, and he looks for Fifi, and discoveres that Fifi’s not his girlfriend, and that the kitten was actually a robot.
Then he finds out that his girlfriend isn’t in the afterlife.

All truth realize
When we come to see the skies
Fletting moments
Cross our hands
And we’re Want for Danger.
True to bodies, Left behind
Flying in the heaven’s eyes.
You cannot wake me.

Life is over cannot win
Here in heaven
Next to them.
Bullets glide like treachery
No more…
You’re the one I want
You’re the one I want

Beauty spies I search for love
The few things lost
Returned to you.
The touch I gave you
When last we met
Was harldy golden.
Death’s not the door to greater chance
Looking out from starry eyes
Here to find you
If perchance
You won’t run from me

Vials broken
Chances shake
Speed needs wanting for a higher stake
You’ve come here,
I picked you wrong
Jewels that should be swallowed…

I was dying, but I’m not you
I’m not anyone you knew
You are one your own here
There’s noone you can find here

Fifi’s song stings like a rake
Implying news I shouldn’t take
Sighing past the pale moon’s dawn
Memories flickering
Then gone.
The girl I loved
The cat as well
Even my parents
Are they in…

Shattered lambs run past the gate
Sheapard lost and fallen
Boys who search in the wrong place
Scarcely noticed…
Fills your veigns
Causing you to writhe pain
your parents are not dead
It’s all in side your head
Robot boy!

22) But Suddenly he is reborn because he had a 1 up (which was the mushroom).
And then flys away with his jetpack. Because when he was dead he didn’t see her, so he knows that she’s still alive.
The end!

Boy: I’m back where I started
I’m still all alone.
I’m not dead, not in heaven
But how can I know.

Was my purpose fofilled?
Was my life all for show?
I feel different now
So where should I go…

All that I felt here
All that I’ve said
Street Fights and Pandas
Was it all in my head?

Who knows what it tells me
Or what to believe
It’s this complicated feeling
That helps us to Be

When I was a young boy I my parents were killed by pirates
And then I grew up thinking that I wanted to kill pirates
But when I got the chance to kill pirates all that happened
Was me… hurting me…
I ran away from that and was haunted by ghosts
The ones that had died gave me advice and gave me my post
But when I got the chance to help others this time
I died.

In heaven I Tried to find my parents and the dog blha blha blha
That didn’t work and now because the Spanish teacher gave me an extra life.
I don’t know what’s going on.
I don’t know where my parents are
I don’t know if my girlfriend’s dead
I don’t know if it’s all in my head.
And it dosent matter!
[spoken] Good thing I have this jet pack!
Sung: ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! [in harmony]
The end.

The arcade game at the ski-lift.

Education and the things that it leeks on to are super charged with fun to the last drop!
Just like a jelly dout in the arms of the gentile police officer, there is few who would summer that last drops of calcium-free oppression.
Nighttime starves the people
It’s got to be amoung them
Try to go back where others can’t be found.

Moonlight Castle, breaking past the oddness, lasting fast with treebark nice to know that Its not the one you lost. Twenty two shore are, on the trowl and with the fire and over the chopping block.
It just, can’t beat tomorrow like today.
Shinning atoms, basking all the way down.
Surely it’s not a lost and found.

The sound of the morning is ドン ドン ダカ ドン!. Lining pastures, staring from the star-fish. Most that hold of twentry, soon grow on to thirty. Dynametrically opposed, when they grow out of pots, and cant be botherd anymore.

Donuts can be made for squirrels. Only when they are, the rabbits are in arms. Its hard for me to think of the last time I couldn’t find, an open wound exuding soap. Times lost its heading and commitment ossifies, right down to the very last drop.

Drop drop!

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