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This is interesting.

This is interesting.
I think growing up with a parent who talkes about when she was a child on a rabit farm, and had to help her parents do stuff like this, I don't find it as horrible as the other people.
I mean, there are so many wasteful things you can do with a cadaver, I thought this was pretty nice.
you guys can see, and think about what happens on the farm as you read the comments of people who live in a magical internet dreamworld.
It might be a little graphic

{by the author:}
I don't believe that there's any remnant of a soul left in a body once it passes on. It's an empty husk, and to use it in a ritual of renewed life is to do the departed soul a high honor. Did I feel terrible about skinning and cooking a pet who I remembered as jumping around for joy and squishing down in my lap when I pet her? Of course. I was choking back tears the entire time. But what I did was a true act of love, not something impersonal like discarding the body.
the reply:
do think using big words (which you probably don't know what half of them mean) makes you sound smart?? cause they don't!! they make you sound GAY!!

This is rediculous. it's like all the people who are jerks on message boards got together and had a convention. it's like a gathering of people who have no understanding of other cultures or ideas.

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