MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

I just saw the best episode of Xmen Evolution ever!
Rouge went crazy and was using all the powers of all the people she absorbed at once. so she like, used multiple man's power to make 6 of her, and then had then all teleport around and then shoot cyclopse beams and storm lightning. it was really cool. except that she was going crazy and attacking the Xmen.

I like how in this cartoon, they have really strong powers, but there is still lots of conflict based mostly in the social and political stages. which is what alot of xmen (the comic) was like. I think it's good, because they will always have conflict, unlike superman which is dumb and boring. It's a really good show, and the thing I look forward to watching.
I wonder if it would be popular in japan. I should say I wonder how popular it is, cause I know they have it there, cause I've seen comics there I just never read it. yar!

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