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Why do my friends have romances with 80's cartoon characters?
First Skeletor and now VOLTRON
My friends are werid.

Hmong Reflection
Issues can be separated into two factions; the first being issues in Laos, and the second being issues faces upon coming the united states.
If you look at this chronologically, the genesis of the problem come from the fighting in Laos. We will never know how the Hmong would have been affected if the communists had been able to simply take over the country, but we are able to see how the US’s decision to turn the Hmong into soldiers also turned them into targets for the communists. Regardless of whether or not the US’s involvement is better than the communists is a moot point; the fact that the US’s actions are largely responsible for the Hmong’s current situation is not. Now, 30 year later the US is still having to deal with a unsuccessful operation in an other country. Hopefully this incident will be examined and learned from, preventing a similarly unsuccessful incident from happening again.
Luckily the US is taking some responsibility, by re-locating refugees into America. Unfortunately, I feel there are serious questions regarding the validity of certain policies regarding the re-location. I would like to point out that there are over easily 10,000 internet sites devoted to connecting people with similar interests, ideologies, heritages and hobbies. People pay big money to try and find someone who has enough shared experiences that a strong friendship can be formed. People will even pay $1000 for airplane tickets to fly across the country to meet in person people met through these types of matchmaking sites. So then, whose idea was it to separate the refugees? If people in the US can’t even find friends in the town they grew up in, how are a people from a completely different way of life and sense of culture supposed to develop a healthy social pool?
It is not only in the social field that this process affects the refugees. By removing them from their people, it takes away voluble resources providing language training, job hunting/maintaining skills, and other general skills such as how to correctly pay taxes, and get a phone number. Instead, displaced refugees are found wandering map-less through “our” metropolises; their only big-city skill being the solitary sucking of welfare’s teat.
The plight of the family in the video reminded me of the fact that the execution of the US welfare system is somewhat flawed. Principally, the issue that under the current format, there is no reward for finding employment; when a person has an income they are no longer eligible for welfare. So why would anyone get off the couch and gets a job sweeping the floor at McDonalds for $5.25 an hour, when they can stay at home, and get more money for free? There really isn’t space to discuss this further, but It’s defiantly an issue.
In contrast to the bleak scenes of the video, the reading seemed to present a more optimistic look towards the future. The effort put into solving the Hmong dilemma by first understanding them is in my opinion a beautiful philosophy. As I learned when I lived in Japan, it’s much easier to appeal to a person’s interest if you understand what their interests are. By understanding the Hmong, it is much easier for educators to develop lessons that build off their existing skills.
The complex issues of the Hmong may not be solved any time soon, but the techniques developed in response to their hardships will certainly be a boon to the immigrants of the future.

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