MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

google: teacher portal

so it seems that there are many different websites which serve as portals to other internet sites, but I havent found anything that integrates that with teacher<=>connectivity, or a kind of virtual desktop. also, there is very little sorting mechanisms, so you still have the time consuming task of searching through the resources, which is the main problem that teachers ae having. there is so much information, but it's not consolidated, and there is nothing to direct the application of information. it's basically no different than wondering around in a giant library; you still have to read and sort and find everything, and you don't talk with anyone. I think that the human interaction is key to the solution. I mean, think about how people stay in touch via livejournal, and not through e-mail. It's because livejournal is so easy to type into, and then it's so easy to have a diolouge on it. and you can just vent, and people pick out the parts that relevent to them. that's what teachers need. they need to vent about teaching, and then have someone from norway be like "I see it like this. don't cry." also, teachers who are able to be connected have much more political power, and can maybe effect a change in the educato-political world.
so that means there may still be a market for my idea after all.
now all I have to do is learn how to program. yay!

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