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10 December 2000 @ 05:49 pm
holiday dreams  
I'm trying to get the last day of free shipping on amazon.com, so I'm doing online shopping right now.

I had a dream last night where elliot and patrick and kevin colaborated together and bough me Necro, Kaneda and Tetsuo action figures from funcoland. I was so excited. and then I woke up. but it was amazing!

I want to get this for parker. but I cant find it, and it's out of stock at amazon.com. he thinks livejournal is too gay to look at, so I will post it here.

what do you think?
Current Mood: Childs toy theme
Current Music: oops. mood=music. I guess my mood is "holiday festive!"
Helenhelen on December 10th, 2000 08:41 pm (UTC)
someone please tell me why when I was scrolling up to this entry (I read my friends page from the bottom up), as soon as I saw the mood and music lines I knew it was one of Chris's.

p.s. I tricked Parker into looking at my livejournal! ha ha!