MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

ZeroBatsu: yeah, alot of my mp3s were made from wav files that cary no metadata
injunravi: ah
ZeroBatsu: , except for the filename and directory organization
injunravi: well now it's a good opportunity to start adding id3 tags
ZeroBatsu: which is another problem
ZeroBatsu: yeah
ZeroBatsu: i fucking did that for all the choji moji songs
ZeroBatsu: such a fucking chore
ZeroBatsu: I'm not going to do that for like 10,000 other random ass songs
injunravi: there might be programs that can do it for you
ZeroBatsu: yay!
ZeroBatsu: my complaining made a program magically appear!
injunravi: nice
injunravi: maybe you are secretly god
ZeroBatsu: that sounds about right

Susurrus2: Hey! my japanese teacher says she
Susurrus2: has heard of you
ZeroBatsu: !!!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu: what?
Susurrus2: she taught at ICU
ZeroBatsu: how is that possible?
Susurrus2: for two summers
ZeroBatsu: omg!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu: oh!
ZeroBatsu: I totally know who that is then
Susurrus2: really?
ZeroBatsu: I think
ZeroBatsu: like
ZeroBatsu: I know her face
ZeroBatsu: cause I remember where some of the teachers were going
ZeroBatsu: did she say anything about me?
Susurrus2: she said she hadn't met you
Susurrus2: but had heard your name
ZeroBatsu: see, I'm world famous!

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