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11 December 2000 @ 02:03 am
damn WIll and his Mugen!  

THis is the best fighting game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! udafshn1!!!

cant explaine how good it is. but now I get to have Ranma and Goku team up against Dr.Doom and the Metal slug guy. it's 1000000% awsome!!! all i need is a game pad now. patr5ick wants to leave. he had fun playing and watching me try to make the game work.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: tekken (king stage most likely)
hope, rebornheartichoke on December 11th, 2000 02:17 am (UTC)

wow chris you and your fighting game are insomniacs like me, we should go shopping for vibrators or something. sorry i just made two entries of the same entry. that made no sense but you know what i mean. i just listened to the same cd 4 times. it's like the energizer bunny. ohno, i'm so crazy and tired i'm beginning to sound like you. i would get you a game pad for christmas except i don't know what that is. i also have a feeling it's expensive. arrrg, i feel like john lennon reincarnated as a pirate. onoyoko!!!
MegaManmegaman on December 11th, 2000 09:00 am (UTC)
it's all good. I'm gonna have surgfery on the inside of my nose in an hour. we should kick it this week, and stuff. you should meet will he's nice. aye maytie. must go back onto the internet!