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28 October 2003 @ 09:26 pm
ok, so I finally got itunes to work correctly. and I also took 3 hours to add relevant ID3 tags to all my music files. then I submitted my music to itunes "intelegent" file organization system.

So pretty much my organization system that had been developing over the last couple years is now gone.
WHich I guess is fine, because it was streched across several drives and years, and originally set up to facilitae napster. so yeah. the good part, is that now I have a reliable program to rip things from cds, and have thoes rips actually be encoded well, with proper ID3 tags, and put in a place that makes sense.
ALso, itunes has a pretty good system for editing ID3 tags (even on multiple files at once.) also, there is some sort of sharing thing that it has that I will have to research.
also, the search feature is pretty good. the Painful part was just moving everything into itunes.
and that it's pretty bland looking, especially after using Winamp. but it should be good in the long run, especially with the way it organizes my ripped cds well.
the pigeonpassengerpigeon on October 29th, 2003 01:48 am (UTC)
itunes has a music store that you can access if you had a credit card. you can buy songs for 99 cents. it's not free, but it's pretty close, and it's legal, and fishcakes and stuff.

one neat thing about itunes is that if you set it to organize by album, and you rip, like, song 3 off a cd, and then you eject the cd, and later on you rip all the other songs, it will automatically put song 3 in the right place in the list of songs. it's difficult to explain this better than that, but I find it really useful.
Helenhelen on October 29th, 2003 08:30 am (UTC)
I believe the "sharing thing" you're referring to is this: If you're on a network, there will be an option in your iTunes Preferences to share your music library (or selected playlists from it) with other iTunes users on the network (if you want, you can put a password on it so that only people you give the password to can listen to your music), and they of course also have the option to share. Any shared music will show up in the "source" list along with your library, playlists, etc., and you can listen to it (but not copy it to your library or manipulate it in any way). I'm on a network that encompasses the dorm building I'm living in, and there are several people in the building who share their music on and off (I guess they don't do it all the time because performance can take a bit of a hit when someone else is listening to your music over the network).

That's how it works with iTunes for Mac, at least...I don't know about the one for Windows.
MegaMan: Luffy Crackmegaman on October 29th, 2003 09:53 am (UTC)
yeah, that's what I'm talking about. There's little documentation about it in the help file and the website so I'm not sure if I had it set up correctly. Of course it's a moot point if the other people in my house aren't sharing any of their music over itunes (which I believe is currently the case.)
Helenhelen on October 30th, 2003 07:09 am (UTC)
Yeah, I think they're trying to maintain a pretty low profile for the sharing feature because of the whole uproar over music sharing. I'm afraid you'll have to publicize it in your house yourself.