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ushinatta robotto

Lost robot
Have you seen my robot walking past?
Have you seen my robot talking?
Will you see my robot running fast?
Will you see my robot Shopping?

Do you know my Robot’s Hidden past
Do you know my Robot’s Secret?
Can you guess my Robot’s Home address
Can you guess my robot’s Feelings?

Can you tell me why it left me here,
Alone and almost freezing?
Can you tell me how to win it back,
Which words it will find pleasing…

If I show my Robot Photographs
Will it think I’m only teasing?
If I reach to touch its metal hand
Will it struggle to release me?

When you find my Robot’s smiling face,
When you hear my Robot’s sining
When you hear those three most beautiful words
Then my robot… [I love you]
Will be your Robot… [I love you]

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