MegaMan (megaman) wrote,
Sunday, November 30, 2003

Quinn is quite the verbal bunny lately.

She counts to 10 in Spanish. I did it in the car one day, and she picked it up immediately.

She takes apart her alphabet puzzle and puts it back together really quickly. She'll pick up a letter, identify it, and put it in its place. The thing that impresses me is how quickly she knows where it goes. Does she spot its place based on shape? Or does she know the order of the letters well enough to find its place quickly?

She has a book memorized. One day she was pushing it at me (Dora's Rainbow Surprise, for those curious) and I said, "Quinn, no, not that one. I'm sick of that one. Get another book." She planted it firmly on my lap, though, opened it and said, "EH! EH!" I said no again, and she just

"Hola! I'm Dora! Do you like rainbows?" She paused and waited for me to continue, but I was looking at her with my mouth hanging open. "MY MOMMY SAID THERE IS A SURPRISE AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW!" she continued in a VERY ANNOYED tone. By this point Maureen and I were looking at each other warily.

"Is she reciting that book? IS SHE?" said Maureen.

"She is!" I said. "I had no idea!"

"Can you help me find the surprise?" Quinn continued, giving up on me, reading the book to herself.

Of course, her words weren't clear, but they were understandable if you're as familiar with that damn book as I am.

To counter this news, I'd like to say that we were walking outside the other day, and in order to get from the grass to the sidewalk, she got down on all fours and BACKED UP...I mean, imagine the small step you'd have to take to get to the sidewalk from some grass. She couldn't do it. She is SO my daughter.

She gave me a gift certificate to Bath & Body Works for my birthday yesterday. She's the best bunny.

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