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I've been up since 5:30 this morning becaues of my nose. no, my nose wasn't hurting, but my teeth were. I figured out why they hurt; I've had my mouth open for the past 42 hours, and air has been going past my teeth and gums, and I guess it irrates them. plus i got my braces off so that dosent help anything.
at about 6:10 I started trying to get the packing out of my nose. that was fun.
I started with the left thinking I could just pull it out with tweasers, put soon discovered that it came apart as I pulled on it. I took a few pieces out, and then decided to try the right side. That side I just started blowing really hard, and after like 4 minutes of nose constipation style blowing I expelled a big redish black thing almost 2 inches long, and .5 inches in diameter from my nose. Suddenly I experienced this strange breathing sensation. it was awsome. but my nose was gushing blood now, so I had to deal with that. Then I tried to get the left one out, but I only got half out. I think that I took too much out with tweasers so that too much air was geting out, and there wasn't enough pressure to get in out. so I took a break.

now, 2 hours later, I still have a rotting rag in my head, and I really dont want to try and get it out, because it's painfull and sickening. oh well.

I aquired a SFA3 theme for mugen. it's really slick. I'm discovering how to make endings. sadly they will be capcom vs SNK type generic endings, but that's better than a single screen that dosent make any sense.


oh yeah, I have to go to city hall today to fill out forms so that I can work for the city (at the children's theatre) huzzah! maybe I will actually get to go shopping today. still have hella stuff to buy. plus the choji moji check came, and I need to cash it. $93.43 and just in time for presents. man my blood is so dark and red on my blue housecoat it looks like acrilic paint. must be all the iron.

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