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12 April 2004 @ 11:56 pm
An update that's about me, and not Video games.  
I forgot how tedious it is to sit and actually write a play.

I only have like 2 scenes to write out, and one of them is probably gonna be short.

I did get to re-do the first scene, so that's good. it's still pretty crap [by that I mean it's decent, but I wish I could make it better. I think there's a lot of potential with the idea and the script that's being mis-directed in this version.] I need to just get it written out and then I can focus on my other classes finally, and in the future compleatly re-write it. at least there's still the possibility of finishing all my coursework by june, even though I'm not going to the stupid graduation ceremony in june anyways. which is fine, because no one there really knows me, or cares that I'm at a graduation ceremony, and the stupid school certainly dosen't apreciate anything that I've done apparently. the stupid ceremony will probably just be giving the student of the year award to Athena and shit like that. How many of the stupid people on the stupid awards flyer know what they're gonna do after college? Bobby's Guitar playing is carying from the livingroom on the first floor to my room on the 3rd, and it's louder than my music. and it's almost midnight. oh he stopped, it sounds liked quinn yelled at him. herm. I like Jon's Livejournal. it's inspiring. I like my Final fantasy Action Figures. Paine is suprisingly emotive. rikku just kinda looks weird. and her dress/skirt thing is weird.

I just realized I havent posted the link to my Children's book

This is the Children's book I made!

you should look at it. it's pretty neat. Also, I am aware that it's totally not eddited, and there's lots of problems, but I don't have time to advance it beyond its current stage.
I think it would be fun to try and polish it. I don't have copyright to almost all the background images so I would have to go and replace most of them. (obviously the pictures of my palo alto house are mine) and such. Also, I never quite figured out what the copyright particulars of photographing action figures is. I mean, I took the pictures, and I own the toys, isn't that good enough? and I'm not using the names or personalities of the characters (except for cloud's name)
speaking of which I need to revive Cloud's Mystery hour.

My prediction for all that kinda stuff is September. I'm gonna work hard this spring, and then have a very busy, yet relaxing summer. and then I'm going to have a nice break come september as I embark on the journey that is the rest of my life.
hopefully I wont be single. I think that's my next thingy I need to deal with. And working at the Children's theatre isn't going to solve that problem. I need one of my friends to set me up like I do for them.
now my head hurts. cofee is evil. my play is also evil. but I told myself I woundlt give up until I had it almost all done. I'm thinking I'll leave the diolouge in the fight scene until wednesday? or something? I dont know.

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Is That Cancer In Your Eye Ball ?eyecancer on April 13th, 2004 12:17 pm (UTC)
i read the first 10 pages of the childrens book and i really like the idea of it. it seemed like it was going in the direction of exploring various cultrues views on death which isnt the most perky idea of a childrens book but certainly educational...
if you hope to get it published then you really need to slim it down. 28 wordy pages for a childrens book isn't going to hold kids attention. fuck, that and parents wouldnt really want to read their children a book that long everynight. think "where the wild things are" or the raining meatball book. they said as little as possible and depended mostly on pictures.
it's a really good story and has tons of potential. you should work on it some more and get it published and everything...

i'm going to read it later i just cant read a long story after drinking as much coffee as i have. im hoping in the end one of two things happen.

1. the cat comes back to life in zombie form and she either has to kill it or the zombie cat eats her
2. one of her friends, like patrick, reveals he has a huge crush on her and asks if he could be her cat. then he dresses in a cat suit and sleeps on the couch and whatnot.

i think the first idea's better though. i'll find out later i guess...

GOOD BOOK THOUGH !!! (from what i read)
MegaManmegaman on April 14th, 2004 10:35 am (UTC)
Troy said it was disturbing
hrm, your ending ideas a pretty much the summary of the play we're doing in chataqua.
The book does a poor job of being a standard children's book; it's morbid, long and sad. However I felt that there is room in the genera of "children's book" for a book like this (which is really aimed more at 4th graders. I think of it like Island of the blue dolphins: sad and long, but forced upon 4th graders.)
I had fun making it. I think you'll like the ending. or at least have some reaction....
fusakofusako on April 13th, 2004 11:16 pm (UTC)
*hint hint*
doing Choji Moji videos would help you meet girls (and boys, either way).
you know what else does? parties. speaking of which, isn't there one at the Jungle this weekend?