MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

i'm tired of my housemates mess.
I think I get even more upset because I make a very concerted effort to not leave my stuff out in the common areas. I mean, if you look around the living room the only things of mine you'll see are maybe the DVDs and games which are put away.
actually yes. I would like people to find my stuff in the living room that is not put away that I'm not currently using, because if it's laying out in the living room then I probably don't realize it and it should be put away.

Maybe I just need to stop caring about stuff getting left out and leave my crap all over but then I think about how often things that other people leave out on the floor and stuff get broken and/or fucked up or lost and decided that it's good that I put my stuff away cause then it's not broken by irresponsible drunks at our parties.

but what the hell is the problem with washing dishes? I don't fucking care that they're too lazy to take responsibility for washing dishes and they just sit in the sink making us all look like retarded children - but I can't even fit my cup and bowl under the spigit to wash my own things. and then Michael keeps comming in and saying stuff that I don't understand.

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