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butts in my brain!

when does this fucking school end! I'm so fucking tired of it!!ggfjkndfsdf
I have fucking 6 weeks............... bdfksdfgkjb

so I thought I heard someone in Troy's room say my name as I walked by on the way to the bathroom. so I stopped and listened to what was being said. but I think it was really tim and troy eating peaches or oranges because I heard tim say, "oh my! that was a juicy one! I'm impressed." When did Troy get peaches? I thought they were out of season. of course, nothing is really out of season anymore, especially in california.
I'm tired of school. that's why I'm updating this fucking thing!
oh! my first issue of Wired came! I ordered it in december, and the first issue (may) came within the last couple days! It's amazing! huzzah! I wonder what happened to the issues such as febuary and april? I wonder if they were sent somewhere else? or maybe they just didn't process my order until recently. oh well.
I need to do my time better. but yes. oh.

I need aftereffects. or something! fuck! fdshiauflkjnfasd
I'm just gonna have to make some crazy karaoke plug in for livetype to make the stupid edge karaoke thing.

I think I had a dream about brittany and karen fighting. why would I have a dream about that? it was like brittany would say something that was totally non-sensical and then karen would get really upset and start crying, and everyone was like "oh god. STFU both of you." But I think that it was deeper than this, i just remember karen crying. hrm... I like my dreams where I can fly alot better than ones that are just like stupid re-enactments of real life. 脳が大好き!
This is a neat song. it's like someone changing tracks on an 8 track. I think we should do a song like this. that would be cool.... actually, I could just do that with the stuff we have. that would be neat!

I can't believe I now have 50 user icons, and the only thing I can think to add is liam user icon. Which I've actually been using alot, just because it's different than the icons that I've had for the passt 2 years+. yesu. desu!

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