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Well, Today I woke up and was hella sick. So i just slept for the eitre day. that really sucked. look I'm updating my journal. I was going to put something interesting in today's journal. but maybe I just dreamed that. I dnot know. uh man. I missed my play. today.
oh, I wanted to tell kurt that I was sick or something. I actually am. I made hella gross noises with my snot because I thought bobby had allready left for work and it was like 11 am. but really it was like 8 am and he was still there. then I slept all day. did I say this already? man. I wish I could download my whole journal and then see all of the comments. that would be totally rad. man. my mouth tastes like weird snot. jnkvds. I'm gonna try and go to the library all day tomorrow.
oh, my play is totally great. I'm glad it's as good as it is. it's too bad that ananzi play is too long. and then people are all confused about when there is breaks and stuff.
Chautauqua is just way too long. I wish I could make it like the way I had the idea for but I dont remember. hrm... interesting.

so yeah... I think Wingspread is going to be fun. I want to work on art stuff but I don't know if I actuallyt will.

I watched chasing Amy today. it was a bit too didactic. I kinda just tuned out the parts where they were doing serious talk. It was neat to see, but I really always imagined it to be a much differnet movie. I think it's my least favorite of them right now. why does he (kevin smith) insist on having these super annoying/jerk characters like randal.
fuck, I just sneezed and split my lip. at least I'm listing to this song. I should make more LJ icons. it's a daunting task to think about LJ icons. I need to find that font that everyone uses to make text in the icons. the square font that works well even when it's really small. yar. fart fart. fart

oh, and I want to buy the FFX and FFX-2 soundtracks. I should get the international versions from japan. desu. yeah. man.
exciting.... I want school to magically be done. I was hella gonna do work today. but then I was sick. I am stupid.

why don't they have more of thoes mood icons?!?1 hrm. I should make mood icons. I really should. ones that aren't lame. desu. jnsadfnjksafd

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