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Good things. maybe I will graduate for realz!

My job is so great! It's super fun and I get to do art-stuff. and my bosses are always like, "wow! that is so amazing!" and then jump around like children. Then when I leave they always say things like, "come back as soon as possible!" or "If you can stop in later this week, we would really apreciate it!" yes, I'll just pop over to palo alto on the way to safeway.
but anyways, I'm excited.
I'm also excited that I was able to lecture my teacher (also my primary major sponsor) about japanese education issues (i.e. what I've been studying the last 4 years) for over an hour. and she had never heard any of what I had to say - even though it is closely related to much of her studies. isn't that great? I felt good. yar!

p.s. I <3 action figures!

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