MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

import tio.*;
import java.util.*;

class ScatScout {

public static void main(String args[]) {

//string xCaptionStatic = XCaption() ;
String xCaptionStatic = "0123456789";
System.out.println( " " + xCaptionStatic + " "); //print X-axis caption
for( int i=0, j=0;j< 10; j++) {
System.out.print( j + " ");
for (i = 0; i< 10; i++) {
System.out.print( "." );
System.out.println( " " + j );
System.out.println( " " + xCaptionStatic + " "); //print X-axis caption

//print yard

System.out.println("Enter row and column numbers for next move."); //prompt user to enter column and row numbers
int row =;
int col =;

//Position(int r, int c);
//class Position
//read in private int col and private int row numbers - Position (int r, int c)
//use toString() to convert position to string format

//class Yard() - contructs new yard with random scat and computes neighbor counts
//check for scat - boolean steppedInIt()
//if steppedInIt() returns false, change the . to the number of scat surrounding
//use 'expose' method for position entered (ex. pos 3 4)
//int clearCellsRemaining()

//go to above address for list of methods and classes

//if myYard is fully exposed - void exposeAll - , game ends and player wins


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