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Fuck! the god-dammned prompts for all the pieces of my fucking 16 page essay are all horribly boring and I don't even understand half of them. I understand the concepts but like I don't understand the prompts - like, I can't tell which way she wants us to argue pro or con, but it is obvious that she wants us to argue in a specific direction!!! and they're all super boring, and like "what do you think this author is saying?" please relate it to other authors. fuck! this is so lame.jkl sdffkjln sdfasfkjlnjjfkjnsdfk jnkjnsdf afjknksadfkljnklsdfaljnljksadfsakljnksfaafd kjnfajkndanfskjl kasdfjn faksjnldjjjjjdsla jk asjksaf kjnas jkasdlnkjsfa kjln asjnkf asjnk asjnkf san jksdfjkn nasljkn d

at least my thesis is comming well.
but oh, good job - I booked an apointment with a teacher right during the final for another class. well, fuck me!

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