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Dyson talks about the xmen thing and about how the stories that are brought into class are reenactments of the xmen cartoon which focus on fighting and other things that are not as interesting/popular/represnting to girls.

I think that a very key issue is brought up in this Dyson issue, and that is one of the media’s predominance as the majority culture view. The girls are like the minority, and they are subjugated.
It is impossible to ignore the culture that a person lives in. there would be nothing if culture was removed as all aspects of anything human are intertwined with culture. Therefore it is impossible to extrict the popular culture from the classroom, and it is certainly a loosing battle to even try. However, in stead of letting the “majority pop culture” silently inebrate the class and curriculim it is important that teachers address the issue that there is a particular cultural view/standard/ideal that is influencing the students. Much like an AA meeting, the first step is acknolwing the problem – the next step is to understand what causes the issue and to bring forward constructive conversaion about it. One of the key elements in this is fostering the understanding that “majority culture” is different to different students. For example all students have access to the same tv shows, but it is possible to appreciate and identify with different elements differently. To address the example of the X-men animation (of which I have every episode on VHS from my childhood, so I have a good deal of knowledge about it) the boys focused and related to the fighting and adreneline stimulating super powers, while the girls focused on the elements of teamwork and comradary between the characters. Because there had yet to be any diolouge elucidating the boys to the idea that not everyone focuses on the same elements of the cultural institution it was outside of their realm of thinking to imagine that the girls did not share their focus. As the diolouge was breached by the teacher regarding the differences in the oppions the boys began to readapt their stories to include the girls. If this idea had not been brought to the attention of the boys, they could have continued along suspecting that the girls were just being difficult. The girls themselves might have similarly remained ignorant and frusterated by the seemingly incompatible interests they brought to the storytelling group.

this is so bad and I dont care at all. I just want this crap to be done so I can work on my thesis, which I actually care about.

also, I'm nervous about becoming an adult.
I think it finally hit me when my mom reminded me that I will no longer have health insurance under my parent's company or the school.
no one will take care of me....

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