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13 June 2004 @ 06:47 pm
KQED is special  
Now that I dont pay rent, I want to get tivo, and digital cable that is not crap, because we have cable right now and it comes in shitty.

Except I don't even understand how the actual services work. (translation: I don't have a detailed understanding based on experience. I mean, I understand the concepts, I just havent had any interaction with the various options and don't know what's best.)

anyone who has Tivo what kind of service do you have? Is it a kind that can watch different stuff in different rooms? I also plan to buy a pimp-ass 50" inch HD plazma screen (one of thoes $3000 tvs) so I want something that works well with that.

please give me info. especially if you've worked at a store that sells that kind of stuff.


I'm kinda likeing this icon of me. I get to look at it and be like "look! it's me at my desk! I'm so hot, and cool and confident looking!" hahahahah!!!!
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