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an update for the morning.

Brittany (my sister) and I signed up for GAMEFLY yesterday! it was super fun! because there's soooo many games that have come out over the last 4 years that I've wanted to play but haven't needed to buy and haven't been anywhere to rent. Also now that I have a gamecube (have = bobby style have where someone nice lends you something and then magically you go around telling people it's yours and you don't make any effort to ever give it back because you don't want to - except I will give it back when Nick needs me to) so now I can play the game cube games of last 3 years. Like, I haven't even played wind waker or mario sunshine.
so we "Q"ed up hella games. And it's awesome because It's like in junior high when I would just rent genesis games and then beat them and return them. Now I just rent games and then beat them in a few days and the sooner I beat them and return them the sooner I get new games. it's hella nice!!
also, we went with gamefly over redoctane because gamefly can rent gameboy games, and there are soooo many gameboy games that I've never played because normally places don't rent them. word!
So the first two games are wario ware for gamecube and megaman X7. hopefully I'll beat X7 pretty quickly and then can get prince of persia.
I am on the toilet (what's that word Karen?)
Also I want to make the wingspread logo.
oh and my birthday is tomorrow.
I wonder if anyone will do anything exciting for me, like the way I bought MCSPATULA a paid user account. I thought it would send him an e-mail or something, but I guess it didn't. oh well. I'm sure he's enjoying it. I wonder if he reads my entries in any depth. I wanted to also get him the 50 user icons, but the shopping cart kept having seizures so it didn't work. uh. I guess the only thing I want right now is more memory for my computer and the Yuna FFX-2 action figure.
well, maybe this will be the end of today's update.
Orgasms are good!

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