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07 July 2004 @ 08:53 am
not about video games, quinn  
noises off rehersal was super fun last night!!!!!

We got some really great quotes out of the night such as andrews,
"where is my plate of sardines?" said as he was mimeing a complex, sardine dumping action with an empty hand, only to be told that he was holding the plate in his other hand the whole time.
And of course my, "darling, this stuff that eats through trousers... it eats through trousers!"
It's really only funny to us because of how much our actual rehersal mimics the insanity of the farse rehersal. It's really weird to have the real director tell the fake director how to say his lines telling the fake actors how to act their fake characters. man.
but it's really really suprising everyone how good the show looks even after just a few rehersals. I mean, we went 3/4 of the way through act II in a productive manner in one night, and if you know what the script looks like for act II, it's pretty intense!
man. yeah, Wingspread is really good this summer. and it's really nice to have people like Mike and jonathan working there with me.
hahahah sarah and Brian. thoes two are a fucking laugh riot!

oh, I bought 12 adult tickets for beauty and the beast this saturday, the 10th!
they are for people who I already talk to about going, and my family.
1 mom
2 dad
3 sister
4 ravi
5 patrick
6 travis
7 alex
8 quinn
9 bobby
10 troy
11 guest1 [possibly mark]
12 guest2 [possibly tim]

these people should contact me.
oh, since I actually bought the tickets, people seeing the show need to give my $6/person for the tickets.
also, anyone else who wants to see the show should call me, and I can get you tickets.

[also, brittany and I have been playing prince of persia sands of time. it's a fun game, I like the fighting! most of the time brittany plays the actually running around and stuff, but I play the hard fights.]
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Timbavariankumquat on July 7th, 2004 12:29 pm (UTC)
what time is it at? I'm trying to get to switch shifts with someone, I shall go in today at work and get it finalized. I might be able to take someone's 11-5 shift, but when does the play start?
starcatcher70 on July 8th, 2004 12:09 am (UTC)
i guess it was really bad that i missed it...but Poppy doesn't do that much in the farcical part of Act II but chill and get her clothes ripped off until the end. So yeah, I'll be there tomorrow. I was dying.

But yay...noises off is fun. I had a point to this comment before I made it...