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Today I did stuff! yay!
I checked on the yearbooks at kinkos. They will look great, and we are under budget. I also bought cheap dvds to go along with them. I need to try and put that together at work today, but it should be pretty easy to do. it will just take a long time, because they are 1x dvds. It's gonna have digital picture and music files on it, but also have slide shows and some short movies which you can view in the dvd player.
I have to test how they go into the dvd program, cause I might have to re-size them like I did with the chojimoji picts. I think DVD studio pro 2 does that automatically. I'm tired. I dont want to go to bed, I want to play video games.
I should drink something that will make me sleepy, like that kalooah I got. bark.

um, I also tried to configure my stupid wireless access points and that sucks because they simply dont let me connect to them consistantly. someything happened today that let me connect to both of them at the same time and adjust some things, like I upgraded the firmware on one, but the other is stuck with factory installed firmware, and neither of them have any security installed in them. it's pretty lame.
also, I lost my japanese ps2 power cable. and I'm not sure how to replace it. I think they sell things at frys that will do it, so I'll have to check that out. I deposited $889 in the bank today for t-shirt and yearbook money. I wish there was some way to get money for making things. like being an artist that got money for that. that would be cool.

why the hell do thoes fucking access points not work!!!!!!!! it wouldn't be so annoying if they didn't work at all, but they work and then all of a sudden they don't work, and it pisses the fuck out of me!!!

I cleaned my room up a little, as in, I now have space on my desk. new netflicks come tomrorrow. that'll be cool.
I hope gabe works at pact, that would be fun. I like work with no homework! I like projects and stuff. homework sucks my ass. um yeah. man, I smell like infected vagina.
so yeah. that's what's up I guess.
I'm gonna make that mandrake box soon. also I'm letting ravi test out my palm pilot. I said I'd sell it to him for $300 ($200 discount) and since he's going corporate he should have a palm pilot. now that I have my laptop, I realized it was pretty redundant for me to have that thing also, especially since my next cellphone will be a treo, I think. anyways, I'm sure ravi has enough money from his new job to pay for it.

computer are totally rockin! tomorrow I will write up the request list for the G5s. I'm also going to add protools LE into the mix, because we really don't have a good sound editing system. also, it would be seriously helpful for the participents if they could learn FCP and Protools. cause that's actually worth something in the real world.

Tuesday night we can watch the movie at my house.

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