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This song is awesome! ★★★★★

I need to rate all my music and put album art into them.
Also, i need to put album art into all the choji moji songs, cause Now I know I can put the whole booklet into the mp3 file.
hrm... I'm enjouying cleaning!

also, I love the way japanese text imput works. because their written language is much more picture oriented, to get the stars in the subject line i typed the word for stars in japanese, and then was offered various ways of writting the word (hiragana ほし, katakana ホシ, or kanji 星) and then offered several different star graphics. ★、☆、※.
The same is true with words like "cross" and "circle" as well as other things. it's cool! ○ ● ◎ 丸 マル まる are all choices for the keyboard input of "maru"
On my phone I could type in the word for face, and get the option of several different ways to write the word and then a choice of faces such as ^_^ and *^o^* and whatnot. it was really neat. it's something that would be fun to really study!

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