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04 September 2004 @ 03:09 am
I acomplisehed things  
Aproximatly 6 hours ago I began the task of putting album art on to all my songs in itunes. (well actually only the ones with albums associated with them) and it went well.
uh. actually. I must be so tired I'm not making sense. well it's 3am now, and I have all these cool album arts in my songs now! it's rockin!
Actually I'm really excited that I found the album art to all these random Japanese songs I had, and a lot of stuff that I didn't know was actually from an album (like some random cibbo matto remixes.) um, yeah. so that's rad. and now my special software will actually show the album art when ever a track changes, so I'll actually be able to see it.
but yeah, I'm excited. Also I went online and put in lots of more accurate track/artist/year/track# and album title info. Amazon.com actually has a lot of stuff! I was impressed that they actually had all the Mates of state CDs! God, I really need to aquire them. In the process of looking at album art on amazon I also added crap to my wishlist. yeah! like FF oSTs and Mates of State. man, I really really should have gotten a cd at the show like 3 years ago. oh well..........
It's weird that like half of my music is japanese. I didn't realize that, but that's cool.

yeah, so every day I get started on a project, and then people come over and I get disrupted. I really hope no one comes over on saturday, and maybe I can do all the stuff that I've been putting off, like t-shirts and computers and that fucking Choji Moji video thing from beginning of summer. I wish someone else would just do this shit for me.

I really like this song!
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Proofs - Mates Of State - My Solo Project