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Ah yes, so I got my lines all memorized, and Becca (the main character) and I go to rehersal. there were only four (out of like 20) people there. Then one of the other princible characters (who also happens to be an 8th year senior!!!!!!) spends the whole time telling us that he dosent have any of his lines memorized, even though we had a month to do it in. We started a read through, and didn't get any where, then the director just cancled rehersal. oh well. plus becca discovered that she has severe schedualing problems. hopefully tomorrow will be better, but it's not good for my swelled head to once again be one of the few responsible people in a show, especially since I'm really not very responsible. oh well. at least becca and I can chill together, and I get to meet new people, some of which are males, and not girly girls who you cant have "guy bonding time" with.

Joel is once again giving me free reign of the room this weekend, so everyone needs to come up and visit, and have a phatty party!

holy fuck! someone just lit of like an m80 or something in the quad! it was hella loud!

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