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I had a kick ass time in santa cruz yesterday. I kinda want to live there again, especially now that I don't have homework every night and day.
I should hook up with some telecomuting jobs, and live there in some derelict house like Troy and bobby. and hella get drunk.

I also had fun at brittany's house. except I had some weird stomach hurting thing which sucked. maybe something I ate was undercoked. but that's ok.
ywah. it was good to get out of the hose.

I am on vacation! I have been on vacation since August 28th, and I don't start work until OCTOBER 4th so, if you have little one day things you can tell me about them. Althought I'm supposed to be working on my thesis. but some paperwork got delayed, which means I'm just waiting at this point...

uh. yeah.
hrm, so I got more money in my paycheck. I'll either spend I think I'll make a linux media server...

uh yeah. fun stuiff desu!
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