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03 January 2001 @ 09:48 pm
yo yo yo  
hey. so what's up? i had my first day of fun with Japanese class. did I mention that everyone was lost in Japanese today? i did didn't I... well, now I'm back in college.

I had my first "rehersal" today! it was silly and unprofessional like I expected. but no matter, at least I get to meet people huzzah! there is this quiet guy who reminds me of Nate Higgley, I think I will be his friend. he is the least ugly and annoying of the other castmembers. of course, we will bond as the show goes on. Becca is doing well.
JOel is installimng the sims. now we can both play! huzzah. tomorrow is more classes.

I've been really tired lately, but it's all good.
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Sims on joels computer